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Not Just in the Mind: 6 Cool Concept Cars for 2015

Let’s take a break from discussing your car’s exhaust system for awhile and take time to drool over this year’s concept cars. At this year’s Geneva Motor Show, the manufacturers were not just eager to show off their ingenuity, but also the creativity and hard work that they put in each car. Judging by the cars that were on display, we can expect big things to come our way in the field of motoring. While some car models are a bit further off from being released commercially, some are actually closer to production than you think. Here are the top 6 cars that we’re most excited about.

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SEAT 20V20

Touted as an Audi Q5 rival, the SEAT 20V20 has been in the works for quite some time now. It’s only at this year’s Geneva motor show that car enthusiasts were able to catch a glimpse of this angular SUV. Looking at it, you’ll see how its sharp curves make it the perfect addition to SEAT’s product catalog. Experts believe that once it arrives, it could give the mighty Qashqai a run for its money.

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Audi Prologue Avant

The Audi Prologue Avant is a sign that Audi is going to be steering towards design models in the years to come. Just a glimpse of what future Audi estate models are going to look like, you can expect style and class that can be comparable to the Mercedes Shooting brake models.

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Nissan Sway

Not to be overshadowed by its European counterparts, Nissan shows off a new direction for their hatchback design at this year’s motor show. If the Nissan Sway is a sign of what we can expect from the Japanese manufacturer, then things are about to get a lot more exciting. While it may have very little resemblance to the Nissan Micra, this concept is about to take Nissan’s design aesthetic to a whole new level.

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VW Sport Coupe Concept GTE

This ambitious four-seat concept car may not be called a Passat, but one look and you get a sense that both cars are one and the same. Its sleek silhouette is a clear indication that Volkswagen is determined to change their definition of the ‘coupe’. Expect this concept car to be revealed by the end of the year and go on sale by early 2017. If you’re in the market for a fancy family sedan, then this car is definitely worth saving money for.

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Infiniti QX30

The Infiniti QX30 is a concept car that is really a well concealed production car. Heavily influenced by the Q30, the QX30 is being advertised as the premium compact crossover car. The Infiniti QX30, together with the Q30, is scheduled to be released late this year. With its gorgeous interior and stylish design, it could spell trouble for its contemporaries.

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Aston Martin DBX

Designed to challenge conventional view about luxury GTs, this Aston Martin concept is the brand’s attempt to reach out to a more diverse global market this time around. The iconic luxury name is changing up how the world sees luxury travel, putting emphasis on practicality, family friendliness, and even environment responsibility with the DBX concept car.

These cars reflect the future of both their respective brands and the automotive industry, and the future is looking bright. So what’s your favourite concept car so far? Let us know in the comments section below.

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