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The Macau Grand Prix 2017: Another Year to Remember

What are the highlights of the 2017 Macau Grand Prix?

  1. The GT car pile-up during qualifying.
  2. Huff and Bennani winning in Macau’s WTCC stage
  3. A Schumacher races in Macau once more


If you ask racing enthusiasts and U-Bolt Philippines sellers, one of the most famous racing events across the world is the legendary Macau Grand Prix. Ever since the first event was held in 1953, the Grand Prix has showcased some of the best drivers in the world. Their prestigious list of champions include drivers like Arsenio Laurel, John MacDolnald, Ricardo Patrese, Ayrton Senna, David Coulthard, and Michael Schumacher.

Today, the racing event is not just one single big race. It is a series of racing events that include motorcycle racing, touring car racing, and open-wheel racing. The 2017 edition was another highlight year, with a lot of racing action that led to a few thrills and spills, along with some drama that comes with the sport. There are some of the highlights of the 2017 Macau Grand Prix.


The GT Pile-up

The World GT qualifying race was meant to be a straightforward affair that would determine would be going on to the main race. This was not the case, as the heavy downpour added some more race drama near the end. The qualifying race saw a massive 16 car pile-up at Policeman’s bend, which fortunately saw no injuries. This was similar to the massive crash during the previous year, as that saw the race being stopped with five laps to go. In the end it was Edoardo Mortara who won the pole and the race proper.

Huff and Bennani at the Top in Macau

The 2017 World Touring Car Championship has been quite the exciting roller coaster this past year, with over 9 different winners during the season. One of those new winners was British Driver Robert Huff. Meanwhile, the opening race was won by Mehdi Bennani, who had won twice prior to Macau. In the end their wins helped them rank in the top 10, with Huff at 7th and Bennani at 6th.

Another Schumacher Drives in Macau

The Macau Grand Prix has seen a lot of legendary drivers race on its tracks. It’s long list include the Michael Schumacher and his brother Ralf. This time around, Michael’s son Mick is the one driving in the circuit. Like his father and uncle before him, he is currently involved in Formula racing. While he was not able to notch the win in Macau, he still has a lot of time to grow into someone who can soon race in the Formula One circuit as he is still at the tender age of 18.


Key Takeaway

Another year, another exciting series of races from Macau. This year certainly did not disappoint, as a lot of action was seen in all categories. These events shows that Macau is still one of the premier racing destinations in Asia and the world, as drivers continue to strive to win in the Guia Circuit. With this edition of the Grand Prix wrapped up we can hardly wait for the next edition!

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