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How to Handle a Broken Car During the Pandemic

How do you handle a broken car during the pandemic? 

  1. Stay at Home for Minor Repairs
  2. Call a Repair Shop
  3. Observe Safety Protocols
  4. Use Contactless Payment
  5. Disinfect Your Car

You open your garage door and want to take your car for a ride for the first time during this pandemic, but find that it is damaged. This comes as no surprise as it hasn’t been used as much as it was. Or maybe it’s been long overdue for its maintenance. How do you get your car up and running again? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve listed down some easy and safe ways on how to handle a broken car during the pandemic. Keep reading to learn more.

Stay At Home For Minor Repairs

Tools for fixing the car

As much as possible, it is recommended to stay at home to lessen exposure to the virus. That being said, if your car has minor problems, opt to fix it yourself. With some parts you can buy in-store or online, some handy tools, a little basic knowledge, many car repairs can be done without visiting the repair shop. 

Call A Repair Shop

However, if you cannot repair your vehicle’s damage yourself, then it’s time to consult a professional. Fortunately, some repair shops are now open for business during the pandemic. You can either have someone come to your home and repair your car or leave your car at the nearest repair shop and return later to pick it up. 

Remember, safety comes first. Make sure you do your research and inquire about safety protocols. See what efforts they are taking to reduce the risk of the virus. Ask about social distancing and disinfection arrangements that they are implementing before you avail of their services.  

Observe Safety Protocols

Spraying alcohol to hand for safety

In the case where you will be bringing your car to the repair shop, strictly observe safety and health protocols. Disinfect your car first, observe distance from the employees, do not touch your face, and wear a face mask. Remember to bring alcohol to disinfect your hands as well. 

Use Contactless Payment

Since handling cash and physical credit cards can also be a way to spread bacteria, opt for contactless payment. 79 percent of people around the world now utilize touch-free payments for cleanliness and safety. Having an e-wallet will also be convenient for other purchases.

Disinfect Your Car

Disinfecting car

Before driving your newly repaired car, make sure to clean and disinfect. Focus on high-touched surfaces such as door handles, car seats, the steering wheel, the dashboard, and seat belts. For optimal safety, wash and vacuum your car. 

Key Takeaway

If you’re wondering how you can get your car up and running again amidst these times, this guide shows you how to handle a broken car during the pandemic.

Opt for home repairs for minor problems. Call your repairman in advance when you plan to go to a repair shop. If possible, also inquire about pick-up and drop-off service so you can stay at home while they fix your car. Contactless payment is another way to lessen contact with other people. Lastly, disinfect your car before use.

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