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Going Green: 4 Benefits You Get from Biodiesel


Since our machines’ fuels has a rap sheet as dark as their emissions, we have been looking for solutions and alternatives to these wranglers of the Earth. And thank goodness we have technology on our side, which, with the great human mind, continues to develop. If before we fueled our machines with coal, and for the longest time we’ve been running on gasoline and diesel, it’s time to behold the wonders of biodiesel.

In a nutshell? It’s a more natural and eco-friendly upgrade of diesel. It’s a breath of fresh air, not only to your exhaust system and the pedestrians you pass by, but to the whole of Mother Earth. And for you to see why, here are four reasons:

Biodiesel is made of 100% natural ingredients

Because vegetable oil can’t get any more natural. Biodiesel comes from the oils of the greens we see, such as rapeseed, which emits of high energy when burned. Known for its bright yellow tone, rapeseed is then highly regarded to be best plant for having the best oil for creating biodiesel.

Seeing as plants power this fuel upgrade, it is highly sustainable. Plants grow and regrow all the time that it’s unlikely, if not impossible, to run out of it. Looking at its earlier counterparts on the other hand, with the thinning of fossil fuels, their due date is fast approaching.

It doesn’t poison the atmosphere

The emissions that our gasoline and diesel produce are notorious at being deadly—yes, deadly. Nitrogen oxide, sulfur oxide, and acetaldehyde may not have been your concern as you aged, but truth is, they should be. These are only among the chemicals that gasoline and diesel release into the air that we then breathe.

Sulfur oxide is known for causing acid rain while acetaldehyde creates smog when activated by sunlight. Acid rain, smog—repugnant terms, aren’t they? Serves you right to believe so. You can now turn your attention to biodiesel and its ability to produce less harmful chemicals—and carbon dioxide is only the beginning.

Your machine performs better

So biodiesel helps your machine, too. Now how about it? Cleaner air, better car—the world is turning into a much better place. But how exactly biodiesel help? Well, since rapeseed oil, or more commonly known as canola oil, produces great energy when burned, you can expect to run more miles with no clear movement of that slim indicator needle of your fuel gauge. That of course means that fewer gallons are used up on your whole run.

Biodiesel also needs little to no tweaking to your engine, in case you’re wondering. More good news is that it helps your engine last longer. You can then use your car until you pass it on to your grandchildren, as you will share them the wonders of biodiesel—right?

It doesn’t get heavier in the pockets

Biodiesel is more expensive in the market right now. But sooner, after a boom, it is going to come at a cheaper price. In the long run however, you get to save, especially after being free from engine repairs during all those years of sticking with biodiesel Think about the hospital bills you don’t get to worry about, too, because biodiesel helps the air.

With scares of ozone depletion and activated cancer cells, an innovation such as biodiesel is a breath of fresh air—even literally. With benefits such as these above, doesn’t it look tempting? So go for it—now! Because this, dear friends, is what we call a good investment.

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