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Getting your Car Checked? Here are 4 Questions to Ask your Mechanic


Doesn’t matter if you have a Mini Cooper or a sexy muscle car – your auto is your baby no matter what. That’s it’s always an emotional burden to take her in for a check-up whenever something’s wrong. It may be an issue with the engine, exhaust system, or steel tubes, but regardless of the car parts in question, we’re usually at a loss for words when it comes to conversations with our mechanic.

This should not be so. For the transaction be fair between you and the mechanic, and for your car to be effectively repaired, you should be able to properly describe the symptoms of your faulty car. However, before you let him start checking your precious ride, be sure to ask him the following five questions first:

Do you specialize in my cars’ make and model?

If your car is still under warranty, it’s best to simply take it to your dealer. However, if the warranty is past due, then this is the first question to ask your mechanic. If the mechanic is not familiar with your car’s model, the next step is to find one who is. You might spend a little more time searching for the right mechanic, but the effort will be well worth it once your car has been patched up the way it should be.

Do we have a clear understanding of my car problem?

Coming to an understanding requires both parties to meet halfway, so you and your mechanic have to do your part in figuring out and solving the problem. As the owner, you have to explain your car’s situation well enough for your mechanic to understand and, in return, he will explain to you its technicalities. This is what makes the world of fixing cars go round.

Take the time to consider that the car mechanic you’re consulting may also have other clients, so he may not pinpoint your car’s needs as soon as you want. A simple checklist may help both of you to keep track of everything. He might even thank you for that little chore.

Do you charge per hour?

Now here is one of the first questions to ask as soon as you step foot on any mechanic’s shop. Nobody wants to get ripped off, but also have to be careful to not undercompensate your mechanic’s labor, especially if he’s excellent at what he does. Being clear about the fees from the get-go will lessen the possibilities of conflicts later on. As long as you ask nicely, the mechanic should be happy to answer any question you may have.

Does you have a diagnostic fee?

It’s understandable for mechanics to not offer free diagnoses, but be reminded that you shouldn’t settle with them not giving you an estimate. Be reminded that they are legally subject to give you at least an estimate of their labor fee and the price of the repair itself. Of course, if he refuses to give a rough estimate, you could always take your business elsewhere.

Did you encounter having the need to raise another question with your mechanic that’s not on our list? Help a fellow driver out by sharing your experiences on the comments section below!

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