Signs That You Need To Fix Your Car Brakes


Your car’s brakes are one of its most important parts. They are a safety feature that can help you slow down or stop your vehicle completely. Like every part of your car, brakes are also vulnerable to different kinds of wear and tear that can affect its performance. It is important to keep your brakes at their best to allow them to respond quickly.


What are the signs that you need to fix your car’s brakes?

Your car’s brakes help make sure you can control your vehicle’s speed, allowing you to slow down or stop accordingly. Any damage or problems to your brakes will prevent it from working properly, which can lead to accidents on the road. If you experience any of these signs while using your car brakes, it is best to have them fixed at your local auto repair shop.


Squealing noises are present

Close-up of a car brake system

One of the first signs that your brakes need repair is the presence of a squealing noise. This noise is a sign that your brake pads are wearing out and that they need to be fixed immediately. Your brake pads can be worn down due to usage or the presence of dust and dirt. This can cause more wear to the tire rotors and cause your brakes to become less responsive over time.


Vibrations when braking

Along with squealing noises, another common sign that your brakes need to be fixed is when you experience vibrations while using them. This can be a sign that your brakes have warped and are damaging the rotor. If not repaired, this can cause more damage that can affect other parts of your car. Your car might also become shaky and wobbly while braking as well, which is another sign that you need to have it fixed as soon as possible.


Brake warning light is turned on

Brake warning light symbol with a sign that says "STOP" on a car's dashboard

Your car has a number of light indicators that signal you when you need to have a certain part checked out. One of these lights is the brake warning light. Problems can range from damaged brake pads or even to unresponsiveness. If you see your brake warning light up, check to see what the problem is before getting it repaired.


Brakes are slow to respond

One of the most important signs you need to look out for is if your car’s brakes have a delay. This is a sign that you need to have them repaired immediately. Slow brake response is very dangerous while driving, as you could have difficulty slowing down and stopping immediately, which can be a cause of accidents.


Leaking brake fluid

Close up of a brake fluid container inside of a car

Your car can experience different kinds of leaks in different sections, one of them being your brakes. Brake fluid makes sure your brakes are well lubricated, allowing them to respond quickly. Damage to your car could cause brake fluid to start leaking. It is best to seal these leaks as the brake fluid can damage other parts and make your brakes less responsive.


Key Takeaway

Your car’s brakes are another set of parts that keep you safe while driving, which is why it is important to have them repaired as soon as possible. By being on the lookout for these signs, you can make sure that you can repair this part at home or at your local repair shop.