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Emissions, Exhaust Repair, and Muffler for Sale Philippines

What are the common problems and simple solutions that have to do with emissions and exhaust repair?

  1. Reduced Fuel Economy
  2. Car Part Damage
  3. Dangerous Noxious Fumes
  4. Locating the Damage
  5. Repairing the Surface


Generally speaking, due to the fact that they are located under cars, exhaust systems arguably experience wear-and-tear faster than any other component of an automotive vehicle. Exhaust systems are constantly exposed to road grime and ultimately lead to immense corrosion if not immediately handled.

Without proper maintenance and knowledge of repairs, you may all together have to keep purchasing a new muffler for sale here in the Philippines. But by acquainting yourself with the common problems associated with damaged exhaust systems and some of their quick solutions, you can definitely save quite a lot on expensive repair bills.

Let’s take a look at some of the main factors and approaches that illustrate the importance of exhaust repair:

 Less Fuel Economy

Less Fuel Economy and Higher Emissions

First and foremost, exhaust systems are designed and crafted to channel fumes away from the front areas of your car as to reduce engine noise and maintain fuel efficiency. If your car’s exhaust system has an apparent leak, there will be a direct impact on the pressure of the exhaust system, thus reducing your fuel economy and contributing to fuel wastage.


Damage to Other Car Parts

As time goes on, the fumes that leak from a cracked muffler or exhaust pipe will damage other critical car parts and may even potentially cause a fire. Starting from the engine, exhaust fumes are incredibly hot, but they gradually cool as they reach the tailpipe located behind the vehicle.

The leakage of hot gases can blow straight onto other components –leading to heat damage.


Noxious Fumes Entering the Car Cabin

One of the great dangers of a broken exhaust system is that poisonous gases can begin to make their way inside the car with all the passengers. These harmful oxides that may possibly pass through the air vents could cause serious illness and even potential deaths. If you are not aware, the mild exposure fumes could gradually cause headaches, dizziness, and fatigue until you acquire a deadly sickness.


Locating the Exhaust Leak

When it comes to exhaust repair, the first thing you have to do is raise the wheels, put safety glasses on and inspect the exhaust system with a flashlight. In many cases, the damaged area of an exhaust pipe is the area that faces the ground. But there are also many instances wherein the holes and cracks are on the top or sides.

 Preparing to Repair the Exhaust Surface

Preparing to Repair the Exhaust Surface

Once you have discovered the leak, get the exhaust pipe to be relatively warm and put on safety gloves. Use a brush and wire to clean the damaged area. Next, is to cover the hole or crack with a steel wool and apply repair tape to the damaged area. Get repair tape and carefully wrap it around the damaged area as to secure the wool in the exhaust pipe.

Cut a soda can to the size of your exhaust and secure it around the pipe. And finally, you can activate the adhesive repair tape and give it a test drive.


Key Takeaway

Buying a new exhaust system and muffler for sale here in the Philippines is of utmost importance because of all the mentioned dangers from a damaged exhaust. But for a quick mediatory fix, you can try the tips mentioned above before taking your car in for full repair!

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