Driving Vs. Commuting During The COVID-19 Pandemic


What advantages does driving have over commuting in the midst of COVID-19?

  1. Convenient
  2. Safer
  3. Compliance with regulations
  4. Flexible


The country’s public mass transportation system could definitely be better. Especially in a pandemic and as restrictions on travel continue to ease, the public needs to find the best ways of getting to a location in the most convenient method possible. Knowing this, the debate between driving vs. commuting is not an old one. But, around this time, more reasons are pointing towards the higher level of convenience one can get from owning a vehicle.

On the outset, cars seem to be an expensive investment. While this may be true in the beginning, nothing is a more rational choice than buying a vehicle because of its long-term benefits. To add to this fact, the entire country is battling and managing a pandemic. It won’t make sense to continually rely on mass transportation services hoping that they’ll eventually get better. Continue reading to find out why driving is more efficient compared to commuting at this time.



A man loading groceries into his car

One of the advantages of owning a car over opting for mass transit is that the former is more convenient. When you own a vehicle, you have the freedom to choose where and when you’ll be dropped off. You also have the advantage of storing this vehicle inside your home where you can safely keep an eye on it.

When buying groceries and other essential items, for example, you wouldn’t have to wait long hours before being able to hail services such as taxis, jeepneys, or tricycles.



A woman in the midst of a commuter crowd

Driving is an efficient way of practicing social distancing. Travel restrictions have been eased in some parts of the city. Despite this, however, it’s not yet a safe way to just go outside for any kind of leisure activity. People still have to be mindful of social distancing measures to help protect themselves against the threat of the virus.

Compared to commuting, driving is much safer because you’re the only one making use of the vehicle. You wouldn’t have to worry about hygiene practices because you’re not situating yourself with other members of the public.


Compliance With Regulations

A woman waiting for the train to arrive

More importantly, driving allows you to more easily comply with the regulations imposed in your city. Not all mass transportation services can be adapted to still comply with social distancing regulations and procedures, which makes buying a car the better choice.

Private vehicles, on the other hand, are compliant with local laws because social distancing can be easily practiced using this mode of transportation. No limitations on movement have been imposed on private vehicles compared to mass transit.



A woman with boxes in her passenger seat

Another reason why cars are more advantageous over commuting is that they’re flexible enough to accommodate the carriage of items of varying dimensions.

For example, when you’re going to the grocery to buy essential items such as poultry, red meat, and other types of fresh produce, it may not always be easy to carry them. Especially if your only way of getting home is through jeepney or trike. With cars, you can store cumbersome loads of these items in the backseat or in the trunk of the car.


Key Takeaway

If you’re still wondering about which option is better for you during a pandemic – driving vs commuting – you need not wonder anymore because investing in a vehicle has far more advantages compared to settling for public transit. Cars offer you a higher level of convenience, flexibility, and safety – all of which are what you need to get through traveling in city spaces during this pandemic.

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