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Don’t Even Think About It: 5 Worst Secondhand Cars

Currently, you might have a car in your garage ready to be fixed; you’re just looking for the right metal parts in the Philippines. Should the situation seem a bit dire, you might want to consider getting a new or a secondhand vehicle instead. Which may be a good idea, so long as you’re aware that not all used cars are good to go. It is universally understood that there is always a risk for pre-owned cars having issues, but before heading over to your trusted dealer, make sure you weed out the following automobiles that are more likely to be lemons.

Mazda Millenia

The Mazda Millenia may seem like a great car at first, but it’s actually one of the worst when it comes to pre-owned vehicles. Of all its generations, the 1997 ones which have the most complaints, followed by the 2001 model. How bad are these cars? Over 40% of traded-in vehicles have an engine or transmission issue ranging from mild to severe.


Cadillac Catera

Cadillacs have long been associated with class, elegance, and beauty, but when it comes to a secondhand Cadillac Catera, you’ll not find any of these three qualities. A first-hand Catera will do just fine, but a used one will drive you nuts. When you have one in every four Cateras with serious powertrain problems, you may want to think twice before purchasing a used Cadillac Catera.


bad car to avoid

Dodge Caravan

Minivans come and go, but the Dodge Caravan proves itself to be among the best as it has been in production for 32 years; however, there is one problem with this vehicle: the pre-owned version of it is said to be one of the worst to grace the planet. It’s not exactly the most reliable used vehicles and the power locks are not functioning for some vehicles.


Mini Cooper S

One of the main reasons why everyone wants to have a Mini Cooper S is it happens to be one of the cutest vehicles ever. Add to that its significance in pop culture, as it has long been used in multiple movies across the decades. The old ones maybe some of the best cars ever, but the ones today aren’t ones you’ll be raving about to your friends — that is, if your vehicle is secondhand. As time passes by, it becomes less of a trophy and becomes more of a burden, with its numerous problems such as cooling, body integrity and engine issues. Getting a used Mini Cooper S is like inheriting a gigantic problem; with the large bills you’ll be getting, it would be best to just get a new one.

bad car to avoid 2


Ford Focus

Ah, Ford, one of the best known American Automobile Manufacturers. How unfortunate that this time around, they did not hit the nail on the head. The Ford Focus is a great car if you get the manual version, but if you get the automatic, there are bound to be some problems. Among the top complaints are shifting tends to be shaky, there is some slippage and the engine is a nightmare as there can be some mechanical failure. Ford has taken note of these complaints and has made some adjustments to the new models; however, as we are talking about used vehicles here, it is highly advisable to avoid getting a secondhand automatic Ford Focus to stop yourself from getting a problematic vehicle.


No matter how great the brand is, every car manufacturer will have one or two fails in their timeline. It’s completely normal, so a consumer must always be aware. If you plan to get a car, do your research and ask your friends what car fits your needs. One thing’s for sure: you better cross out these cars from your list.

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