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DIY Gym Equipment from Car Parts

What are gym equipment that I can make out of steel tubes and tires?

  • Pulling Sled
  • Tractor Tires
  • Bumper Plates w/ Barbell


Is there anything manlier than creating your own gym out of car parts? Probably. But with affordable and sometimes even free items available in the Philippines – like steel tubes and tires – this is easy to do on your own and here’s how:


Pulling Sled

DIY Gym Equipment from Car Parts

A pulling sled is one of the best gym equipment you can have. With it, you can perform exercises that can improve your overall physique and endurance.

To create this, first get a sheet of metal that’s ¼“thick and cut it to 18”x24” length and width. On one end, bend the lip to 45 degrees. Drill a hole on that lip to pull the tow row through. This will be the base.

Get 1.25 square steel tubing and cut it into 3 .25” pieces. These will act as spacers so that your weights will sit perfectly. Set these aside first.

Use the remainder of the steel tube and weld it to the middle of the metallic base. Place a tire through this tube and plot the three points with the spacers need to be to hold the tire in place. Remove the tire and weld the spacers in these points.

Put the tire back and install the tow rope and you’re done.


Tractor Tires

DIY Gym Equipment from Car Parts

The best thing about this makeshift exercise item is that it is actually possible to get it for free! Just ask any local tire yard or heavy equipment shop if you can have an old tire that needs to be thrown out, and you won’t have to spend a single cent.

Even though it is literally just a tire, it is a legitimate piece of gym equipment. Multiple gyms around the world have tractor tires available for all to use in their workouts. Athletes are usually the ones seen making use of these monster wheels.

The most popular exercise you can do with these is flipping them over. You can also treat them like a sled by attaching a tow rope to one. A farmer’s carry is also possible if you stand inside of a tractor tire, lift it, and walk a certain distance. These can also be used to perform glute-ham sit-ups by wedging your feet on the inside lip of the tire.


Tire Bumper Plates

DIY Gym Equipment from Car Parts

Seeing a pattern? Tires are a great item to salvage when creating your own DIY gym. With two identical tires and a sturdy steel tube, you can make your own barbell with bumper plates for just a fraction of the usual cost.

First, head to your local tire yard or junkyard. Here, find two identical tires that have a 16-18” radius. If you can’t get them for free then you probably need to spend $5/Php250 max. The size and weight of these tires will be similar to a normal bumper plate.

Next, find the right steel tube. It has to be thick enough to support the around 90lbs or weight while having a radius that will fit the mags of your wheels. If you can’t find the perfect steel tube, then by one that’s 2 inches in diameter. Then you have to purchase a pair 10-lbs plates. Weld them into the mags so that the tube can go through perfectly.


Key Takeaway

Car parts are great materials to use to create DIY gym. With some steel tubes, tires, and a bit of learned shop skills, you can have your own gym for just a few dollars/pesos!

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