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On Display: Car Museums by the Manufacturer Part 2

Cars have always delighted men and women alike, with the people willing to spend thousands on the latest model and on car modification. Of course, these cars would be nothing without their manufacturers. Take some time off and see these magnificent museums located around the world. The cars on display are complete, from their steel tube accessories to their roaring engines. For sure your trip will be worth it.  


Porsche Museum


The name Porsche has long been associated with the most expensive of all luxury cars. You may not have the financial capacity to own one, but perhaps you may want to do the closest thing to owning a Porsche: touring its museum.

It may have taken four years to complete, but clearly each day is worth it upon first sight of the magnificent Porsche Museum located in Stuttgart, Germany. Its exterior is a reflection of the company, showcasing the company’s friendliness and approachability.

Inside the museum, you will see over 80 vehicles along with the history of the company. Among those vehicles are the iconic 911 and the 356. Something unique you won’t see anywhere else is the Porsche Touchwall, a 12 meter installation which permits the visitor to learn about the wonderful history of Porsche using three thousand illustrations, information and images.

You can even drive a Porsche around for a certain length of time. There’s a fee, but compared to purchasing a new Porsche, this deal is quite a steal. You can choose from a Boxster, Cayman, Panamera, 911, Macan or Cayenne and drive it around for an hour or three. If you want, you can even have the car for as long as a week! So contact the museum now and get drivin’!


Honda Collection Hall

honda collection hall

Honda has long been a leader when it comes to car manufacturers, ranking eighth in the world and number two in Japan. When it comes to Motorcycles, no one beats Honda as they are the number one Motorcycle manufacturer globally. If you want to learn more about the company and just happen to be in Japan, pop by the Honda Collection Hall in Motegi, Japan. Opened in 1998, the museum may look like a government or a business building on the outside, but once inside you will see it is anything but that.

There are two wings and three floors in the museum. Check out the numerous racing motorcycles and vehicles on the top floor. See the beginnings of the company, from the original bicycle engine to the cars we love today, on the second floor of the museum.

asimo photo from dailymail

Have you heard of the robot ASIMO? Meaning Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility, this robot is one of the greatest achievements of Honda. You’ll be able to see this amazing robot, its comrades and what Honda is doing for Mother Earth on the ground floor in “ASIMO&Environmental Technology Area”.

If you’d like more information, check out the Reading Room where you’ll be able to browse through books and watch videos. After all this exposure to Automobile tech, you’ll have the chance to be a Honda Engineer yourself in “Pit Kobo” where one can build an electric cart and drive it around afterwards. Isn’t that fun?


Alfa Romeo Museum

alfa romeo museum

Did you know that the “Alfa” in Alfa Romeo originally meant “Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili”? Located in beautiful Arese, Milan, Italy the Alfa Romeo museum was closed in 2011 and reopened in 2015 to the cheers of car experts and novices alike.

Originally opened in 1976, the museum was closed down thirty years later for a full renovation to upgrade the facilities and exhibits. In celebration of the company’s centennial celebration, it was opened temporarily at the end of 2010 and closed in February 2011. Today it has six floors spread over 4,800 square meters full of history, passion and prestige. At least one unit of the many models designed over a hundred years and 150 engines are kept on collection with 69 vehicles on display.

The enormous space is split into three parts, namely Beauty, Timeline and Speed. For “Beauty”, get to see the signature designs of Alfa Romeo then move to “Speed” to know what makes the company have the most wins of company in the world.

Get to see the top ten moments Alfa Romeo is proudest of in the Tempio delle Vittorie or Temple of Victories. Here you will see the top triumphs of the company, accompanied by visual and audio aid. Now that’s a champion.


Museums have the general impression of being stiff and boring, but for sure these three museums will be anything but that. Even if you don’t consider yourself a lover of cars, you’ll surely be fascinated by the beauties in the exhibits.


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