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Ways To Disinfect Your Car Interiors Properly

How do you disinfect your car properly?


  1. Use soap and water
  2. Be gentle with leather cleaning
  3. Avoid too much alcohol and bleach
  4. Focus on high-touch areas


There are many ways to disinfect car interiors without damaging surfaces while reducing the risk of COVID-19. Germ and virus-free car interiors can prevent the spread of disease at home and outside. If you’re frequently driving your car for errands or work, you should consider disinfecting it once in a while. Here’s how you can do it easily and effectively.


Use Soap And Water

Use soap and water

The most effective combination you can use is soap and water. Experts say that soap itself chemically interacts with the surface of the virus which causes it to degrade. It’s the most effective way to kill the remaining traces of the virus. It’s also very easy to acquire. There are tons of liquid hand soaps or dishwashing liquid with antimicrobial properties available on the market. You may already have this at home. You can also choose cleaning products with mild detergents if you desire something more intense than your typical liquid soap.


Be Gentle On Leather Cleaning

For a gentler clean of leather interiors, make-up remover wipes or micellar water can be used. Just be sure to follow up with some alcohol to thoroughly sanitize the surface. However, if you think that you need a deeper clean for leather textiles, soap and water is fine to use as long as you use the minimum amount. Don’t use too much soap and water as it may penetrate your car seats and cause mold. Follow up with a leather care kit to ensure that the surface remains shiny and moisturized.


Avoid Too Much Alcohol And Bleach

Alcohol is good if used in small amounts. When formulations use too much alcohol, it can be very stripping. The natural oils of leather seats will be stripped immediately and can cause it to get damaged over time. Once again you can use a leather care kit to prevent drying out your car’s leather. As much as possible, try diluting it in water if you’re planning to use alcohol. The same goes for bleach. Avoid using it on leather and textiles. This will cause discoloration and damage to the textile. However, this can be used on plastic. Just remember to dilute the solution and wipe immediately after applying.


Focus On High-Touch Areas

Focus on high-touch areas

However, if you’re cleaning high touch areas, rubbing alcohol is your best solution to keep it sanitized. You can use it in a spray format and wipe it off after cleaning with soap and water. This can also be a quick solution if you plan to thoroughly clean your car once a week. Focus on areas like the steering wheel, handles, and dashboard. Any area you frequently touch when driving should be disinfected.


Key Takeaway

Disinfect car interiors effectively using this quick guide. It’s recommended that you do this on schedule or daily to prevent the spread of COVID-19 within your home or wherever you go outside. Disinfecting and cleaning your interiors doesn’t need expensive materials and solutions. You can use what you have at home to effectively remove traces of viruses and bacteria.

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