The Disadvantages of Modern Car Safety

Modern Car Safety

Over the years, there have been a lot of advancements to automotive safety. Some may actually say that the safety feature of today’s cars automatically drives you out of harm’s way. To the credit of the manufacturer’s, they have really done a fine job in making sure that the overall function and look of their creations are well taken care of.

The innovations in active safety features over these last few years alone have been very impressive, and although there isn’t an exact number on how many lives such features have saved, they have certainly shown that they are responsible for what they have created.

The future looks good for the next generation of drivers, but let us not be ignorant of the fact that every system has a drawback. So what could be the possible drawbacks to the latest safety features that has been bestowed upon us? The tendency to become complacent. This post theorizes that an over-abundance of safety can actually hinder a driver’s growth.

Here are three car safety features that make drivers lazy

  • Let us take the FCM (Forward Collision Mitigation) system as a first example. As it is a reliable system, it takes away the need for the driver to pay maximum attention to the road, which could lead to great harm, whether to the driver or car, when more serious dangers present themselves.
  • Recent models have been designed with the ability to reverse-park themselves, inspiring the theory that it’ll soon render driving skills as obsolete. Think about the possibilities. If the system suddenly crashes or malfunctions, how will a system-dependent driver handle his vehicle without crashing into something expensive or dangerous?
  • Rear-facing cameras create a sense of dependency and security, but in times when it is not available, drivers may hit objects or people because if their lack of skill and experience with “independent parking”.

Most of your senses are used to their full extent whenever you go behind the wheel and drive. Your view widens and you are able to sense the surroundings of your car. You constantly think ahead because caution fills your mind when you are driving.

Clearly, the ability to carry out such a process is weakened with the over-dependency to safety features. Don’t get this post wrong though. All the safety features are godsend and are important components to any vehicle, but let us not forget the most important factor in safe driving – you.

Understanding every aspect of driving by taking defensive or advanced driver training courses will help you get to know the systems that your car is using, and at the same time, you won’t be left in the dark if ever they fail.