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6 Common Problems of Older Motorcycles

What are the common problems of older motorcycles?

  1. Degraded tires
  2. Oil leaks
  3. Fuel tank rust
  4. Carburetor issues
  5. Weak brakes
  6. Battery and electrical system problem


Motorcycles are one of the most common modes of transportation in the Philippines. It is easy to use, can be parked in small areas, and is quite affordable compared to cars. But if you have ridden one for years, you might notice some issues with the components. If you’re purchasing a pre-owned one, it might also be useful to know the common older motorcycle problems you can expect. Keep on reading to know more!


Degraded Tires

One of the most obvious issues you will notice in older motorcycles are the worn-out tires. Whether it was used for racing or just the daily commute to the office, it is inevitable for this component to become degraded over time. You need to address this problem as soon as possible as it could affect your safety when traveling.

Generally, front motorcycle tires can last a little more than 3,500 miles while the rear ones can serve you for only less than 2,000 miles. But if you’re driving on off-roads, this number might be affected. To ensure your safety, have them checked during oil changes.


Oil Leaks

Oil Leaks

Speaking of oil, your engine oil could accidentally leak when you’re driving on the road. If this happens, you should pull over and check for the root cause. If you’re riding an older motorcycle, the gaskets could have cracked due to constant pressure over time. Inspect the oil pan, crankcase, cylinder head, and valve cover gaskets for the leak.

Other than that, the oil plugs might also cause an oil leak if there’s damage. Double-check if it’s tightened properly before you ride your motorcycle. Fortunately, the gaskets and plugs are easily replaceable.


Fuel Tank Rust

If you’re restoring an older motorcycle, you might notice that the fuel tank is full of rust. Replacements are available from OEM suppliers, but if you want to try cleaning the tank first, that is also possible. This is vital because rust can cause inconsistent fuel flow and clogged fuel filters or lines. It might also circulate inside your engine.

But what causes rust in your motorcycle fuel tank? If you don’t completely fill it up with fuel, water can get trapped inside. Since your tank is made of metal, it will start to oxidize and form rust. You can use abrasive materials to scrub away the rust or purchase a special fuel tank rust remover to solve the problem.


Carburetor Issues

Carburetor Issues

A motorcycle’s carburetor regulates the ratio of fuel and air entering the engine to facilitate combustion. That’s why if you are having issues with this part, your motorcycle might not run at all. If you have an old vehicle, you will inevitably have problems with the carburetor due to wear and tear.

If there is too much air during the combustion process, your motorcycle won’t run properly. It will be sluggish and you will notice that the exhaust pipes are hotter than usual. On the other end of the spectrum, too much fuel can lead to a misfire and black smoke.


Weak Brakes

Brakes are one of the most important parts of all types of vehicles—motorcycles included. If it doesn’t work properly, you could put your life in danger. Most motorcycle manufacturers recommend replacing your brake fluids every two to three years. Check for leakage because the loss of this fluid can cause braking efficiency. A hole can also allow air inside, which can also cause trouble.

If you notice reduced braking power, make sure to remove the air particles through the process of bleeding. To ensure your safety, have your motorcycle checked by a professional when you notice a change in the brakes.


Battery and Electrical System Problem

Battery and Electrical System Problem

If you have a motorcycle stored in your garage that hasn’t been used in a long time, chances are high that the battery is drained. When this happens, your motor vehicle won’t start. Fortunately, you can remedy this problem by simply charging the battery. Just make sure to avoid overcharging as this can damage the motorcycle part instead.

Other than that, it is also beneficial to have your motorcycle’s electrical system checked. These might be broken due to rust or exposure to extreme temperatures. Inspect if the fuse is damaged as this can cause your motorcycle to run poorly.


Key Takeaway

Taking care of an older motorcycle can be quite difficult because there are numerous parts that need to be inspected, repaired, and replaced. Make sure to rule out these existing problems so you can ensure the safety of the rider.

If you’re experiencing these common older motorcycle problems and more, you might need newer parts to restore your vehicle! Roberts is a trusted motorcycle parts manufacturer in the Philippines, we can supply you with reliable and trusted components that follow industry standards. Click here to send a message!

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