Choosing the Right Muffler

Having a vehicle just like those in the movie The Fast and the Furious will surely make you an instant celebrity just like Dominic Toretto. In the film, Toretto is a street car racing rock star known for the exquisite looks and exceptional performance of his vehicles. He produces one-of-a-kind and performing vehicles by using the best engine and sturdy set of wheels.

Apart from the engine and good set of wheels, exhaust parts, such as mufflers are essential, too, in improving the efficiency of your vehicle. This is why there are several muffler sellers in the Philippines that provide the top performing and efficient mufflers that enable different vehicles to perform at its best.

Did you know that a muffler can affect the three aspects of your vehicle? How loud the car, how efficient the fuel is, and how it generate power. Hence, picking the right muffler for your vehicle is crucial. Most of the muffler sellers in the metro have different kinds and styles of mufflers that will fit to different needs of car enthusiasts. Here are some of the muffler styles and their differences with each other that might suit your vehicle.


Glasspack Mufflers

Among all the styles of muffler, glass pack muffler is the simplest. This type of muffler is created to pump out the exhaust tones and build more horsepower in the engine as well. Commonly, a glass pack muffler is made from a fiberglass or steel wool packing and enclosed in an aluminum shell or steel. A glasspack muffler differs with the other styles because of the single perforated tube found on it, which runs from the inlet to outlet. Furthermore, the sound range of glasspack may come louder compared to its counterparts.



Chambered Mufflers

A chambered muffler is considered louder compared to stock mufflers because of the baffles and chambers found within this type of muffler.  In this type of muffler, the exhaust is transmitted through the several chambers around it, hence, creating a muscle ear tone. In spite of the some restrictions, the exhaust is improved that increases the horsepower, fuel consumption, and torque of the vehicle, creating great sounds.


Turbo Mufflers

A turbo muffler uses fewer tubes that change the exhaust flow in a different direction. With this, the engine exhaust creates a faster muffler, which increases the horsepower and produces a better exhaust tone. Commonly, a turbo muffler uses an additional fiberglass packing around its tubes, which controls the loud sound and enables it to produce softer sound compared to glasspack and chambered mufflers.


Mufflers play an essential part in a vehicle. This car part tones down the exhaust volume to a more tolerable level and adds horsepower in a certain vehicle.

In choosing the right muffler for your vehicle, you must identify the type of engine you have and other essential details needed to be to determine the right muffler that will fit on it. You can also seek the help of a professional mechanic to help you out deciding what muffler to purchase.