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Chambered Mufflers and Other Essential Car Upgrades

What essential car upgrades should you install to your car?

  1. Chambered muffler
  2. High-performance tires
  3. Short throw shifter
  4. Polyurethane steering rack bushings


We can understand how hard it is to part with an old vehicle, especially one that allowed you to travel many roads and reach breath-taking destinations. There’s a deep attachment there; a special kind of bond that a driver has with his/her vehicle. But what if we told you that you don’t have to let go just yet? That you can still bring life to your old friend?

With just a few upgrades, you can restore your old, banged up vehicle to its old self. Although you may want to keep in mind that it most likely won’t perform as it did during its first few years. There’s a high chance that it will be way better, and we’re not pulling any legs here.

We’ll discuss in detail how each of these will improve car performance and ultimately prove to you why these upgrades are essential to any car – old or new.


Chambered Muffler

Contrary to popular belief, a chambered muffler doesn’t just give your car a muscle car tone. Aside from the rumbling, metallic exhaust note that is sure to turn heads, it also provides a lot of other benefits including increased horsepower, better fuel economy, and better vehicle torque.

Don’t get swayed by the rumors you hear about chambered mufflers and fit your car with one to give it not only a rugged and thunderous sound but also to boost its performance.

Car Tires

High-Performance Tires

One way to improve car performance is to purchase a set of high-performance tires. Having a good set of tires will significantly improve handling and fuel economy, but you have to pick the right ones.

In order to get the right set, base your decision on your driving behavior and environment. Different types of rubber erode at varying rates and tread patterns offer different levels of grip and bite into the road, so take those into consideration.

Choose tires that are made of materials that can withstand the weather and road conditions in your area.


Short Throw Shifter

If you want a pure-performance upgrade, then consider switching your regular shifter for a short throw shifter. What this part does is reduce the travel distance of the shift lever. It does this by moving the pivot point higher, hence allowing the shifter to move in short distances and leading to a shorter throw.

You may not think it necessary because, as it is, it only takes a few seconds to shift gears, but cutting a few extra milliseconds from that task makes a huge difference. Driving can be a whole lot more fun when you can quickly and effortlessly switch between gears, and you can achieve this by installing a short shifter.



Polyurethane Steering Rack Bushings

The rubbing bushings that affixes the steering rack to the body of your car are prone to flex and deterioration. They are guaranteed to wear faster than any other part, so consider replacing them with polyurethane bushings

Polyurethane bushings are sturdier and longer lasting. They also allow for more smooth and direct steering input that has less flex which results in a sportier and precise feel.


Key Takeaway

These are just some of the upgrades you can do to your car to allow it to run better and smoother. These things don’t cost much, so there’s no need to worry about breaking the bank.

Moreover, you won’t have to search hard for all these parts. You can get a chambered muffler and a short throw shifter for a good price at any steel supplier in the Philippines. As for the high-performance tires and polyurethane steering rack bushings, you can find them at your local auto shop. Or you can make your life easier by purchasing them all online, but make sure to go over product details prior to check out.

Just because your vehicle has had a few years in it doesn’t mean it’s time to get a replacement. You can opt for fitting it with these upgrades to not only restore its form but improve the overall performance!

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