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Common Misconceptions About Ceramic Coating For Cars

What are vehicle ceramic coating myths that are not true?

  1. All vehicles can benefit from ceramic coating
  2. Your car can become scratch proof
  3. Ceramic coating creates more gloss than wax
  4. You don’t need to maintain your car afterward


Lots of people will recommend ceramic coating for vehicles. It has a lot of benefits for your car and can be a worthwhile investment. However, there are ceramic coating myths you need to know about before getting started.

There are tons of bold claims made by manufacturers and installers about this product. It will seem like you could finally throw away your expensive waxes and sealants for this alternative. However, in this situation, it is not the case. Here are some misconceptions you need to know about ceramic coating for cars.


All Vehicles Can Benefit From Ceramic Coating

A car driving fast through the dirt

Many manufacturers and installers will make it seem like you need a ceramic coating for your car. It’s made to sound like the perfect solution to protect your car paint from environmental wear. However, if you use a car with single-stage paint, it can be difficult to manage. If the coating fails on the application, it can be difficult to wipe off the excess coating and you might need to compound the entire coating off. Your car should have enough paint left so it can handle the compound being applied on top of it.

Ceramic coating is also more beneficial for cars that you heavily use. If you have a vehicle you keep at home, save some money and stick with your wax and sealant. You don’t need the extra ceramic coating if your car doesn’t experience a lot of wear and tear. If you desire it for vanity reasons, you can use different techniques and products to get a similar look.


Your Car Can Become Scratch Proof

Close up of a car with scratches

A lot of manufacturers will show off their product by keying it or scratching it with a sharp object. The truth is that your car will only be scratch resistant. To truly create a scratch-proof surface, the compound needs to be flexible enough to self heal when scratched. This is not the case for ceramic coating as it’s as hard as glass. If there’s enough damage on your coating, scratches will be inevitable and you will need to replace it when this happens.


Ceramic Coating Creates More Gloss Than Wax

A blue car with a glossy look due to ceramic coating

The actual shine from the ceramic coating will make it seem like an appealing choice. However, you need a lot of preparation in order to make your car look similar to the manufacturer’s sample. You will need to make sure that your paint is defect free. Any contaminants and scratches will also be locked in if you fail to remove it. It’s the prep work that matters before applying your ceramic coating. Make sure to approach an expert before having your car coated to ensure you have the glossiest look.


You Don’t Need To Maintain Your Car Afterward

A red car being cleaned

Despite the protective benefits of ceramic coating, it can be very difficult to clean if you leave dirt on the coating for long periods of time. Contaminants will have a higher chance of sticking to the surface and washing it off will be tedious. With ceramic coating, you will still need to wash your car carefully and as frequently as possible. This way, you can get the most out of the ceramic coating as you keep it fresh and clean. Remember to be gentle when washing your car to prevent damaging the coating.


Key Takeaway

These ceramic coating myths should help you make your decision on whether or not it suits your needs. You can still get a lot of benefits from applying a ceramic coating to your automobile, but you need to look at the process with critical eyes. It’s an investment you need to care for and watch out for diligently. Remember these factors before you get your car coated and don’t be afraid to ask an expert for more information.

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