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Celebrating Manila Car Shows: 70s Movie Cars

What are some of the most iconic cars that have ever graced 70s cinema?

  1. The white Dodge Challenger in Vanishing Point.
  2. The 1967 Impala in Dirty Mary and Crazy Larry.
  3. The 1957 Chevy pickup in The Getaway.
  4. All the vehicles in Mad Max.


If you are a veteran car enthusiast or just a casual appreciator that is starting to slowly get into the marvelous world of car culture, there are many establishments and events that carry the most first-rate car parts –everything from custom rims to chambered mufflers for sale here in the Philippines.

If you currently find yourself in search of inspiration for what it means to truly capture the authentic and expressive performance and design façade that reflects the strong and fundamental heart of your personality, there is no better place than 1970s American cinema.  Car shows here in Manila are also home to gearheads that have the spirit of the 1970s car aesthetic ingrained in how they choose to modify their prize-winning vehicles.

Here is a short list of some of the most powerful and jaw-dropping cars that have their own unique undeniable and inspirational screen presence:

1970 Dodge Challenger


The Dodge Challenger in Vanishing Point (1971)

For car fanatics, this movie is synonym as the ‘white Dodge Challenger movie’. The main character is an opaque nomad that scours the streets –a thematic foreground that is the basis for many a car movie. He is an ex-soldier that finds himself searching for the true essence of the American journey as he plows through the desert in all his Dodge Tri-Power glory. From this point on, the world fell head over heels for the intense glares of E-Body Mopars.


Peter Fonda’s 1967 Impala in Dirty Mary and Crazy Larry (1974)

Peter Fonda plays a NASCAR driver in this incredibly dated but classic b-movie. Fonda is on the run in his ’67 Impala and it is as souped up as muscle cars get. Halfway through the film, Fonda and his trio swap it for a ’69 Charger and you can’t help but watch in complete awe at these fierce machines going full-throttle.


1957 Chevy pickup in Sam Peckinpah’s The Getaway (1972)

Once again, it can’t be a nostalgia movie car piece without the inclusion of Steve McQueen. This intense Peckinpah flick stars McQueen alongside the gorgeous Ali MacGraw as the couple ravages their way from the authorities all over across Texas to the sanctuary that is the Mexican border. The beat-up ’57 Chevy pickup is as raw as it gets; it embodies the rough and gritty machismo that is the signature style Peckinpah developed in his early 70s work.

Mad Max


All the Vehicles in George Miller’s Legendary Mad Max (1979)

This post-apocalyptic Australian sci-fi explosion is the pinnacle of what a gifted production crew can manage to pull off with an incredibly low budget and limited resources. It’s obviously clear that the vehicles in this movie are supposed to be monstrous, but these bastardized creations also have an undeniably cutthroat style to them that screams motor-junkie.


Key Takeaway

Besides all the awesome upgrades and customization ideas with high-quality engine parts and mufflers for sale here in the Philippines, Manila car shows are amazing places to feast your eyes and ears with some of the most iconic, majestic and engine-roaring screen muscle cars of the gritty era that was the 1970s.

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