Car Tips For First Time Owners

Getting your first-ever car is one of the best moments of your life. However, it also means additional responsibilities and liabilities, including checking its muffler, inspecting its radiator, and so on. So to help ease your burden, here are some useful tips.

Check Your Finances


Now that you have your own sweet ride, you need to consider what’s left of your money before splurging it all on your next pair of sneakers. As a new car owner, you have a few additional things to worry about. You might’ve ignored news about gas prices back then, but now you must check your TV daily to check it. And it’s not only gas that you have to pay for but regular car maintenance, insurance, accessories as well! So better learn how to budget your money. Though having a car is a convenience in itself, you should still keep in mind that it’s also an expensive one.

Secure Your Papers

Car Papers

Whether your new ride is brand new or second-hand, you should double check the papers used in the transaction as well as other documents that come with the car. With new cars, it’s already understood that the car’s user handbook will be included. With a used car, ask the dealer if you can have it along with the service history manual. If unavailable, try to see if you can download the handbook from the internet. Also make sure that the car’s registration, insurance and other basic papers are always inside the car. You can place them under the seat, on the dashboard or inside the glove compartment. And better ensure that everything is updated; if not, attend to it immediately so as to avoid any trouble.

Find a Mechanic

Car Mechanic

It’s important to find a mechanic you can trust with your vehicle. Remember that when the time comes and you need to have your car repaired, you’ll have to trust this person to do whatever it takes to fix your vehicle. Ask your family, friends, and neighbors if they know any trustworthy mechanic. If possible, choose someone close to home or your workplace. Get this person’s contact details and do a bit of research on them to see if they’re really the good mechanic they say they are.

Inspect Your Oil

car oil

One of the first things every new car owner must earn how to do is check their vehicle’s oil. Check the manual to see how much oil is needed inside the car and how often it should be changed. If unsure how much oil is left inside, check by using a dipstick with markings to check if the oil level is below the recommended measure. Do this before getting in your car in the morning or just when your car is cooled down. If you have noticed that the oil seems to be sludgy, have it changed immediately.

Keep a Tool Kit Inside


This kit must have everything you need in case of emergency, like a sizable bottle of water, a toolkit, cleaning kit, extra phone battery, whistle, car jack, flashlight, emergency contact numbers, umbrella and a trash bag.

Make Yourself Comfortable

girl driving

If you’re a fashionista, ditch the heels and put them in the trunk or the backseat. What you want when you drive is maximum comfort because you’ll never know how long that traffic jam will be. Wear sunglasses because no matter how thick your car tint is, the sun can still be bothersome at times. Plus, you need to protect your eyes.

Follow these tips so you can fully enjoy driving your first sweet ride. Despite how it looks, these car hacks isn’t exactly that difficult to abide by. Always keep safe and be a responsible driver.