New Things for Your Baby: Car Parts You Need To Replace Often

It’s not you; it’s just how things are – not meant to last forever and has to be replaced. It’s sad, but it’s all for the best. You wouldn’t want to let them stay, only to have you end up in a wreck, do you? I’m talking about car parts, of course!

Whether it’s the muffler, the radiator, or anything else, you should always be prepared for the day you’ll be replacing your parts. Some of them, however, have to be replaced more often because of the nature of their function. Here are some parts that’ll have you running to and from the service shop.


Air Filter

car filters

Just like people, cars need clean air too, as the engine uses the air to burn the gasoline and power the car. For that, they are equipped with air filters, which catch particles that air suspended in midair, preventing them from entering the engine.

Air filters need to be replaced every 40000 miles in order to make sure that the air being fed into the engine is free of anything in the atmosphere that can harm the engine. And if the roads you’re usually traveling are dirty or gritty, you’re going to replace it more often than usual.


Brake Components


Safety should always be the main concern when it comes to driving. It’s not always about going fast, but also about slowing down and stopping at the right time and place. That is why brakes are invaluable automobile parts.

The problem with brake components and brake pads, however, is that because of the internal corrosion caused by brake fluid to the former and the wearing down of the latter due constant use of the brakes to the latter, they require replacement considerably often. Brake components have to be replaced every 100,000 miles the car travels, while brake pads for every 60000 miles.



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Because tires are always in constant contact with the ground and are always receiving pressure from it, tires quickly get worn out. While tires with better quality have longer lifespans, they’re still going to have to be replaced after your car has traveled 70000 miles.


Door Handles and Locks

car door lock

In and out, lock and unlock – these things are done to car doors lot more often than a lot of people think. Because of this repetition, they develop issues and break down considerably quickly – much quicker than some parts that are involved with heavy work. In fact, some car owners replace them every three years – quite often for something a car can run without.


Spark Plugs

car spark plug

Considering the many times a car will have to be started in even just a span of a year, it’s not so surprising that spark plugs would be included in this list.

While it’s common to replace spark plugs every two years, it would be better to do every two years in order to ensure that you have a ride that works smoothly.


Don’t get too attached to things, learn to let go. You should know and practice that saying by heart, because it’s for the good of your baby. And you want what’s good for your baby, right?