Season’s Warnings: 3 Car Modus Operandi You Should Know

During the holiday season, a lot of people get very desperate indeed cash to get their family cool presents and a scrumptious Christmas feast. Unfortunately, many of them chose to commit numerous crimes to get their hands on the cash they need! And among these crimes, car-related felonies are among the most popular, ranging from steeling car parts like the mufflers or side mirrors to stealing the vehicle itself. So do be wary and informed! For starters, let us educate you on the most common vehicular modus operandi today.


Test Drive Test

Most of us sell our old car before getting a new one, as it is friendlier on the budget. When meeting with a potential buyer, some of us may allow the customer to take the car on a test drive—with the owner in the front passenger seat, of course.

However, be wary of these buyers as there is a scheme wherein they may stop the car in a secluded area and demand you to get off the vehicle. This isn’t without a threat as these assailants may force you to do so either with a gun or with a knife. If the car owner values his or her life, they get off the vehicle, allowing their “customer” to drive off into the sunset in their newly stolen vehicle.

To prevent this from happening, have a professional car dealer do the selling for you. If you insist on selling the vehicle yourself, have another companion or two with you as your buyer test drives the car and have a clear, designated route planned.


Airport Ambush

There’s nothing like picking up our relatives from the airport to show them how much we’ve missed them. Whether it’s just a few days or months, it can feel like forever since we last saw them. Be on the lookout when leaving, though, because carnappers might just be lurking behind you unnoticed.

If you think you’re just a random victim, you are wrong as these car thieves pick out their victims in the waiting area as they await for their car. The thieves then tail the passenger and repeatedly hit the car’s back with their own vehicle, thus forcing the victim’s driver to stop the car. If this does not work, the carnappers overtake the car, blocking the victim’s way.

To avoid being carjacked, do not pick flights arriving before dawn. Don’t go through major highways at odd hours and always lock your doors. If your car is being bumped from the back, speed up and head over to the nearest police station.



Sometimes our laptops and other valuables are too heavy to lug around everywhere and we leave them inside the car. You must never do this as these days, thieves have become quite ingenious with the way they steal things. You might not even realize your valuable is gone until you arrive home!

Gone are the days when a thief makes an effort to pick a lock with a hairpin; why go through all that trouble when lockpicking tools are available everywhere, even online? Some thieves won’t go through the keyhole and instead go around it, lifting the side and using tools to open the door. You won’t even know the lock’s been touched until a really close inspection!

To avoid paying a big bill just to have your locks repaired, don’t leave your precious things inside your car. Even a pouch with makeup in it will look like a treasure to a thief so to be safe, bring it with you. Remember, most parking lots’ have a disclaimer stating they are not reliable for any loss of your belongings so never leave anything behind.


Be alert, be on the lookout and always lock your doors. Hopefully this information can help prevent you from falling prey to the criminals abound during the holiday season.