Watch Out! Car Maintenance Mistakes You Might Be Making

In order for your beloved ride to work optimally as well as to have long life, you need to schedule regular maintenance for it. You wouldn’t want your muffler, exhaust system and engine to malfunction, do you? However, maintaining your car’s tiptop shape can sometimes prove tricky because even when in it’s in the process of maintenance some things could go disarray.

We’ve compiled below a list of common mistakes car owners unknowingly do in the process of maintaining their car’s shape – so you could avoid doing them. Here they are!


Ignoring Burned-Out Headlights

car headlights in the dark

Some car owners like to roam around with burned-out lights. This is a very big no-no because the longer you neglect this problem, the higher the costs would be to have it repaired. So to keep things simple, invest a little bit of time and have it fixed as soon as possible. Doing this would save you a lot of money in the long run. You can do it by yourself, too! Replacing burned-out lights aren’t that hard and dangerous; just pull out your trusty owner’s manual and replace them.


Neglecting Low Tire Air Pressure

ferrari rubber tires

One of the most common mistakes car owners make is forgetting to check the air pressure of their vehicle’s tires.  This is bad, since not doing so can get you in an accident. Looks can be deceiving as they say, and this is the case when it comes to tire pressure because sometimes the tires may look properly inflated when in fact they aren’t. So for your own safety, remember to check your tire air pressure on a regular basis. You’ll never know when the air pressure would decrease. And no one wants to get a flat tire – not today and definitely not in the near future!


Forgetting Lug Nuts Torque

lug nuts

Lug nuts are meant to be secured and checked every now and then, so proper torque maintenance is a must. Sometimes, though, car owners neglecting to do this due to the belief that it’s difficult and complicated to install – unlike changing your ride’s wheels. In truth, however, this can be done in a jiffy! Just read your vehicle’s manual for the proper specs to use and remember to use only a torque wrench. Also remember to torque lug nuts moderately and precisely because if it’s too tight or too loose, the car could get damaged.


Not Changing Car Fluids

car oil change

Forgetting to check and replace your vehicle’s fluids is yet another one of the most overlooked mistakes car owners make. At the same time, the misconception that the motor oils are the only fluids that needs replacing is a mistake because other fluids like the brake fluid, transmission fluid, engine coolant and power steering fluid should also be checked because each has their own vital part on the overall performance of a car. Moreover, doing this helps you detect any leak or crack in the system, thereby allowing you to fix it immediately.


Proper car maintenance should be done with utmost care and effort. So try to avoid making the mistakes mentioned above as much as you can. Got any comments or suggestions? Type them down on the box below!