Before the Year Ends: Why Your Car Should Have an Annual Tune-up

Some people, especially those who are concerned about their health, undergo an annual checkup. After all, a lot of health problems can develop within a span of one year. Similarly, cars too should be checked and tuned up on a yearly basis. A lot of wear and tear can happen in three-hundred and sixty-five days, you know!

If you’re still unsure whether you should have your ride looked at – engines, mufflers, and steel tubes and all – then maybe these benefits of an annual tune-up should convince you.


Preserve Engine Life

Just like the human body, car engines have lifespans. And as with the former, no matter how much you take good care of it, there will come a day when it will break down and no longer function. Nevertheless, an engine that is annually checked up on will by your local expert will last much longer as compared to one that has never been brought to a car repair shop.


Better Gas Mileage

If you’ve noticed that your car is using more gasoline to cover the same distances, then it’s about time that your car had that much-needed annual tune-up. By going to your nearby car repair shop, your car will receive a few simple tune-ups that can drastically improve its gas mileage – a very important attribute, as it gives your car a better performance.


Prevention, Not Overhaul

For a lot of people, the greatest reason why they go for an annual checkup is because they want to prevent and foresee the many possible serious illnesses and medical conditions they could have. Likewise, with a yearly car tune-up, you would be able to know the budding problems your car already has and will have in the near future. In addition, an annual tune-up would give you the opportunity to resolve your minor car issues before they can become bigger, more problematic, and more expensive ones.


Airing Things Out

Car engines work like a series of small combustion chambers; it pumps air in so that it can burn the gasoline and power the car. If a car engine cannot do that, an automobile won’t be able to run at all; this happens when the air filters have trapped so many particles. To either resolve that problem or prevent it in the first place, a good yearly tune-up would be a great help.


Taking a Brake

Aside from being able to run, the second most important thing a car should be able to do is to stop. After all, it can’t and shouldn’t go forever – imagine the many possible devastating accidents that could happen if they do! Therefore, it’s important – almost a matter of life and death – for you to have an idea how your brakes are doing and have repairs done to them if they have problems.  After all, finding out about the condition of your brakes early on is infinitely better than after an incident.


The year is coming to a close, and the next one is just around the horizon. Surely, you don’t want to meet the New Year with a faulty ride, right? So get your car up in that shop – it’s that much-needed annual fixing time.