Are You Brave Enough to Drive through 4 of the Most Dangerous Roads?


Having technologically advanced car components, such as a universal muffler (who would’ve thought?), could give any driver the urge to conquer even the difficult terrains and tough roads. But are you tough enough to attempt to conquer one of the most dangerous roads in the world?


Patiopoulo-Perdikaki Road (Greece)

Patiopoulo-Perdikaki mountain road also known as PPR is located in the northeastern part of a village in Aetolia-Acarnania, Greece. This mountain road has a length of 23,500 kilometers, stands 2,300 feet above sea level, and has an altitude of 3,800 feet.

This certain road is known for its steep ascent and descent. PPR does not have guardrails to protect the drivers from going over the edge of the road. Also, the road does not have any lights to guide drivers at night and no lines to determine where the edges are, making it as the most dangerous road in Greece. However, in spite of its dangerous driving condition, PPR offers a beautiful scene of the countryside.


Tianmen Mountain Road (China)

Tianmen Winding Mountain Road is one of two of the most dangerous roads in China. The said mountain road is located within the Tianmen Mountain Natural Park in Hunan province, China that leads to the famous Tianmen Cave. It has an elevation of 4,982 ft. and stretch up to 7 miles of the said national park. Even though there are guardrails located in the edge of the road, drivers are still advised to take safety precaution when driving along the Tianmen Mountain Road. From bird’s-eye view, the mountain road looks like a dragon climbing up the mountain, giving motorists a breathtaking view of the mountain.


The North Yungas Road (Bolivia)

The North Yungas Road covers up to 63 kilometers that expanses between the Corioco and La Paz in the Yungas region, Bolivia. It has an elevation of 15,260 ft. above sea level and known for its narrow road because it has only 3 meters wide. The terrain of this road is often muddy with loosen rocks and usually foggy, making it hard for drivers to travel through the road because of the reduced visibility. This dangerous road has reported to claim lives up to 200 to 300 every year. Despite tagged as the “The Death Road”, the motorists who drive along the North Yungas road will be rewarded by the stunning views of rolling hills and Amazon rainforest


Commonwealth Avenue (Philippines)

Dangerous roads around the world have the same characteristics, such as numerous blinding turns, steep ascent and descent, and passing through mountain range. However, this “killer highway” does not have the said features yet it is considered as one of the most dangerous roads in the world.

Commonwealth Avenue (located in Quezon City, Philippines) makes it to the list of most dangerous roads in the world because of its lack of traffic signals and road signs, giving an opportunity for motorists to just jump from one lane to another one. The highway is considered as the widest road in the country because of its width of 7.7 miles that contains up to 18 lanes. This dangerous road has reported to have 5 accidents every day.



Traveling in such hazardous roads will definitely give thrill and fear to any drivers. If you had the chance to try driving the dangerous roads mentioned above, would you do it?