4 Benefits of Upgrading Your Leaf Springs

What are the benefits of upgrading your leaf springs?

  1. Increased load capacity
  2. Comfort
  3. Safety
  4. Durability


A leaf spring provides suspension and support for your vehicle. Because it can withstand heavy loads, it’s often used for vans, trucks, industrial vehicles, and even farming equipment. Other than that, it allows you to experience a smoother and safer ride. But over time, your worn-out leaf spring might cause problems such as difficulty steering and increased sensitivity to bumps. Because of this, it’s beneficial to know the benefits of upgrading your leaf springs. Keep on reading!


Increased Load Capacity

Increased Load Capacity

A leaf spring is made of thin strips of metal that are called leaves. These leaves are placed on top of each other to form one slightly bent, curved component. Because it’s composed of metals layered together, a leaf spring is strong and tough enough to provide support for your vehicle.

The layered structure of the leaf spring provides enough strength to withstand heavy vertical loads that are put on them. The weight is evenly spread on the full length of the spring, so the force is not concentrated on one area.

But for vehicles that are used in heavy-duty applications, standard leaf springs will reach the end of their lifespan faster. If this is the case, it’s worth upgrading your leaf springs to heavy-duty ones, too.

With heavy-duty leaf springs, your vehicle can carry more weight with less wear. You’ll notice that the usual sagging and swaying will be gone. Another option is to reinforce your pre-existing springs with new leaves or install spring helpers. These options will increase the load capacity of your vehicle.



Not all roads are flat and level. You will encounter potholes, bumps, and rocky paths while you’re driving your vehicle. Fortunately, one of the main functions of a leaf spring is to provide you with a smoother and more comfortable ride. Without it, every time the wheels and axles move upwards, the body of the vehicle will too.

To help you understand, visualize the physical appearance of the leaf spring. The ends are attached to the chassis of the vehicle, while the axle is fixed to the center of the leaves. If the axle and wheels move because of bumps on the road, the leaves on the leaf spring will absorb the impact — effectively reducing the shock to the vehicle itself.

That’s why if you notice that you’re experiencing more bumps than usual, the leaf springs might have suffered from damage resulting from daily wear and tear. In this case, you will need a new leaf spring, or you’ll feel the bounce every time you drive over potholes.

If you want to achieve a smoother ride, go for a spring made up of many thin leaves. It can provide a lower spring rate, which can result in a softer and more comfortable ride.




Aside from your comfort, a leaf spring is also there to keep you safe on the road. It controls the height your vehicle rides in and keeps the tires aligned.  It allows your vehicle to turn properly when you need it to.

That’s why if you have a broken leaf spring, you’ll notice that you’ll have difficulty steering. In some cases, one side of the vehicle will sit lower compared to the other. This is because the springs are already sagging. In most cases, leaf spring problems can affect the directional stability of your vehicle.

Other than that, a broken leaf spring will also damage other parts of your vehicle. A fractured piece can fly off while you’re driving, causing an accident for pedestrians and motorists in the area.

As leaf springs can affect your safety and those around you, it’s important to invest in a high-quality product that will last for a long time.



Speaking of longevity, most leaf springs last more than 100,000 miles for most well-maintained vehicles. But this number can be affected by several factors — including how often you use your vehicle, the road conditions present, the load you carry, and the quality of your leaf springs.

Over time, the springs will start reaching their breaking point. The rougher the road conditions are; the more wear your leaf springs will experience — especially if you carry heavier loads. In some cases, too much weight will result in premature breakage.

This is why it’s important to use the right type of leaf spring for your vehicle. Standard ones might not be enough if you often drive in off-road environments or use a vehicle for heavy-duty applications. In this case, upgrading your leaf springs is the recommended option.


Key Takeaway

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