4 Applications of Automotive Seat Frames

What are the different applications of automotive seat frames from Roberts?

  1. Passenger seat frame
  2. PUV seat frame
  3. Bus seat frame
  4. Sea vessel seat frame

Have you experienced going out of a car after a long, tiring trip and feeling unexplainable pain in your back or legs? The reason is due to the poor manufacturing of automotive seat frames in your vehicle. Thus, automotive seat frames play an important role in keeping passengers relaxed and safe.

In this blog, we’ll specify the different applications of automotive seat frames and prove that Roberts’ automotive seat frames are versatile for different types of vehicles for public or private use. Continue reading below.

Automotive Seat Frames

Automotive Seat Frames

One of the most vital parts of a car is an automotive seat frame that acts as the foundation for driver and passenger safety, prevents fatigue, and brings comfort.

At Roberts, we offer automotive seat frames made with lightweight, durable, and functional materials for a best-in-class reclining range without releasing a noise during operation. We provide the best and higher rigidity and strength for excellent support of your seating programs with our automotive seat frames.

Applications Of Automotive Seat Frames

With Roberts’s latest and fine-grade machines for the automotive seat frame manufacturing process, we can offer our customers different applications of automotive seat frames except for cars. Below is the list of what we can offer for your seat frame needs.

Passenger Seat Frame

We offer accurate automotive seat frame assemblies for the public transportation sectors such as PUVs, vans, buses, and sea vessels that require certain requirements for seat frames.

PUV Seat Frame

Roberts includes public utility vehicles (PUV) in our list of seat frame applications to give them better access and the leading mode of transportation for public use.

Bus Seat Frame

Bus Seat Frame

Roberts has successfully provided automotive seat frames that can accommodate numerous passengers for large vehicles such as buses. Therefore, whether it’s for two or three people, we can manufacture the seat frame requirements that you need for your passengers.

Sea Vessel Seat Frame

Because of our high-quality materials and dedication to offering different automotive seat frames, we also provide them for ferry seats to marine passenger seats. Thus, Roberts can meet your standards for sea vessel seat frame requirements.

Benefits Of High-Quality Automotive Seat Frames

Roberts’s automotive seat frames offer plenty of benefits that every driver and passenger needs for comfortable, hassle-free, and easy transportation.

Strong Support

The important factor of automotive seat frames is they should maintain your poster in the car seat. Remember that the positions that drivers would like to take depend on the type and range of adjustments available in the seat frames. Thus, each driver and passenger have a preferred seating position. 

Automotive seat frames should support their legs, back, and head for comfortable support during transportation. Moreover, the comfortable support that automotive seat frames should offer is the top concern of many drivers and passengers from different sectors.

Comfortable Design

As the leading automotive seat frame manufacturer in the Philippines, Roberts’s top concern is the safety of our customers. That’s why we provide comfortable designs because we know that this is what every customer is looking for. With our automotive seat frames, you will not experience back pain or back ailment.

Safety Transportation

Our goal is to manufacture unique and safe seat frame designs for the safe transportation of drivers and passengers. With comprehensive regulations regarding transportation requirements, we follow the right design of the seat frame to ensure that you’re safe aside from wearing seat belts. 

Roberts can predict the accurate size and position of the driver or passenger to enhance safety from any accident. Thus, we make sure to get the appropriate information about the driver’s chosen seat position and size whether they’re small or large, and offer them the best automotive seat frames based on their needs.

Other Welded Products From Roberts

As the superior producer OEM auto parts in the Philippines, Roberts also manufactures leaf springs, radiators, metal fabrication, and metal stamping that we offer for our customers from different industries.

Except for our expertise in manufacturing our welded products, we are also the top automotive seat frame manufacturer in the country — making us the first choice of the transportation sector for their automotive seat frames.

Key Takeaway

In this blog, we’ve shown you the applications of automotive seat frames to experience more comfortable and safer transportation. Backed up with years of expertise in supplying metal parts, we also provide high-quality furniture frames and bed frames that can withstand heavy loads.

Here at Roberts, we are equipped with advanced machines, skilled workers, commitment to service, and competitive pricing to continuously provide excellent welded products.

Are you looking for the best automotive seat frame manufacturer today? Don’t hesitate to send Roberts a message today. One of our staff will gladly help you with your inquiries. You can also check our products here or read our other blogs for more information.