Quick Buyer’s Guide To Aluminum Radiators

What’s the buyer’s guide to aluminum radiators?

  1. Construction
  2. Different radiators have different purposes
  3. Know the vehicle you’re using
  4. Top picks for radiators
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Aluminum radiators are made of some of the most remarkable metals on the market. It’s got high corrosion resistance, excellent conductivity, and many more ideal qualities that make it a great option for manufacturing car radiators.

This is just a brief look into why aluminum radiators are the equipment of choice when it comes to your vehicle. However, if you’re unsure or not familiar with aluminum radiators, don’t worry. We’ve compiled an aluminum radiator buyer’s guide to help you learn how to choose one. Continue reading!


Radiators come in a variety of types, including plastic, copper and brass, and aluminum radiators. Aluminum radiators are the most popular because, unlike other types, they do not rust and are durable. This makes them less susceptible to degradation, cracking, or bending over time.

Aside from that, they exhibit excellent heat conductivity. This means that they absorb heat well, which helps the hot coolant in your cooling system to cool more quickly. As a result, they’re more effective at reducing the build-up of heat within your vehicle.

Different radiators have different purposes

Different radiators have different purposes

To satisfy our clients, we always produce options of radiators for a wide range of vehicles at Roberts. We manufacture a variety of radiators, each serving a specific purpose. We can adapt based on our client’s needs because we have launched our own radiators over the years, earning us reputable remarks and satisfaction from them.

Other vehicle radiators exist, but most are heavy and expensive because they are older models. That is why we have aluminum radiators that are strong and durable, making them less likely to break even when subjected to high temperatures.

Our aluminum radiators are a significant upgrade over other radiators on the market, providing long-term use at a lower cost. As a result of our decades of experience in the automotive industry, we are the leading radiator manufacturer in the Philippines.

When purchasing a radiator or replacement part, keep in mind that you should explain to the radiator manufacturer the purpose or result you want for your vehicle. Radiators have a variety of uses. There are times when other manufacturers do not meet the customer’s expectations, which is why we have a friendly team here that listens to our client’s concerns.

Know the vehicle you’re using

Know the vehicle you're using

Radiators are the beating heart of your vehicles. They ensure that the engine’s optimal temperatures are safely maintained. As a result, each heater has a unique design and function to support each car model.

Finding the OEM number is the quickest way to ensure that you’re buying the correct radiator. It is typically found on the radiator. This allows you to fully comprehend the radiator you should purchase for your vehicle.

Top picks for radiators

It’s very easy to purchase radiators online. All you have to do is look for one that is best for your vehicle’s model and that’s compatible with your engine. You can choose a radiator that matches your budget on the following radiators listed below!

Industrial Radiator

We understand the concerns of industrial companies in the Philippines, and to help our growing economies, we have Industrial Radiator, which manufactures generator set radiators up to 1.8 megawatts. It is corrugated and has a Flat Fin Radiator Assembly for varying cooling system working pressure and vibration. In addition, we offer full-service provision, including hauling, re-coring, and installation!

Automotive Radiator

Our Automotive Radiator, which is used by the best motorcycle manufacturers in the Philippines, is highly competitive in terms of customer satisfaction. We guarantee 100% leak-free radiators and provide quality and excellent inspections and tests.

Evercool Radiator

Our Evercool Radiator is the best radiator placement on the market, suitable for both public transportation and private vehicles. This is your best friend for long drives, heavy loads, and heavy traffic because it maintains your engine performance.

We have radiators for everyone that are designed to meet the needs of all vehicles. There is no need to be concerned about the quality because the best quality car radiators are sold here in Roberts.

Buy here at Roberts

Looking for high-quality and long-lasting aluminum radiators for your car? Buy here at Roberts and get these amazing services!

Customized Radiator Assembly

Roberts AIPMC can supply radiators that are not readily available on the market. This includes specific customer requirements and special capacity upgrades.

Radiator Assembly Re-coring

If all other components of your radiator are in reusable condition, core replacement on unit assembly is available for restoring the radiator and extending its normal life expectancy.

Radiator Core Fabrication

Roberts AIPMC provides core supply according to required specifications to companies that are capable of assembling an entire radiator unit.

Key Takeaway

Now, this blog sums up the aluminum radiator buyers’ guide. From construction, purposes, and the best radiator options to choose from! A brilliant variety of aluminum radiators is available to buy online from Roberts.

If you would like any more help in selecting the ideal aluminum radiator for your vehicle, you can get in touch with our team here. Alternatively, you can ask our friendly team over the phone at +639175705319. Shop the best aluminum radiator from us!