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Alert Reflexes: 5 Keys to Effective Defensive Driving

Defensive driving is not about battles or fights. Defensive driving is preventing an accident from happening in the future. It involves foresight, awareness and alertness. Take note of these five keys to prevent vehicular accidents which may even damage your U-bolt, radiator or muffler.

Aim High

Open your mind. What you want is to be able to perceive of what will happen in the future. Remember the first key to effective defensive driving: Aim High. You need to train your mind to be able to think and plan ahead. Take a fifteen second lead time to make other vehicles aware of your next move.

The Big Picture

Look around you. Know what is going on because if there is one thing you do not want it is a massive accident that can cause you time, money and a lawsuit. Take note of the second key to defensive driving: The Big Picture. The definition of this key is to be always aware of what is going on in your surroundings. Check your mirrors and always maintain a good distance away from the next car, which is around four seconds in between. Note that any vehicle can block your vision. Keeping a proper distance means that you have enough space just in case your car or the vehicle in front of you stalls, thus preventing an accident from happening.

Keep Your Eyes Moving

A sluggish, sleepy body is not someone who should be driving on the road. How will you be able to see that incoming car if your eyes are half asleep? Listen to the third key: Keep Your Eyes Moving. What this means is to keep alert. That venti cup of java will only make you fidgety, repeated movements can send you into a trance and that caffeine can lead your body to crash. Keeping your eyes alert and moving around not only makes you more aware of your surroundings but it will also stop you from going into that trance.

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Leave Yourself an Out

One of the worst situations any driver can be in is being stuck in between two big vehicles just when you want to switch lanes. It is problematic and stressful. Follow the fourth key of defensive driving and you will never have this problem again: Leave Yourself an Out. You want and need a way to get out. To do this, one must avoid following the other automobiles around you too nearly. Always leave space and try to foresee what direction the other cars are going. Do not wait until the last minute to go left. Anticipate. Switch to the left lane a couple of kilometres before the turn to avoid being boxed in by other vehicles.

Make Sure They See You

Driving along a dark road, you must think that the color of your neon green car is enough for other drivers to see you. You do not use any of the lights installed on your car for the purpose of signalling where you are turning or if you are having problems. One of the worst sins any driver can do is assume what the other drivers are thinking or doing. Follow the fifth and final key: Make Sure They See You. Do not think that the other cars can see you just because your car has a flashy color. Use those lights and your horn. A great number of vehicular accidents could have been avoided had the vehicle in front signaled that he or she was turning right. If your lights are not functioning, use hand signals. This way, you can avoid accidents and alert other drivers on what direction or move you are going to do.

Write down these keys or keep them to heart. Remember them always to avoid an accident which can cost not only money but your life as well. Always take care.

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