U-bolt Philippines: Best Off-road Accessories

What are the best accessories for off-road vehicles?

  1. Suspension Lift Kit
  2. Off-road tires
  3. Upgraded Differential
  4. Underbody Protection


If you plan on going off-road, then you better know what’s best for your car to ensure that you make to your destination. There are various parts that you could install, but only a few are really essential for off-road purposes. U-bolts in the Philippines or upgraded intakes are usual enhancements, but here are a few more in order to be prepared for the harsh and unpredictable environment of off-roading.


Suspension Lift Kit

Suspension Lift Kit

Increasing your vehicle’s ground clearance, which is the distance between the ground and the underbody of your car, is one of the best things you can do to your off-road vehicle. This allows you to take on muddy terrain and climb rocks without having to worry about damaging essential components under your vehicle, like your axles, oil pan, and U-bolts. The Philippines has some rough terrain that even some stock trucks and SUVs can’t handle without lifting. Ideally, you would want to install lifted suspension systems that allow for multiple adjustments such as preload, height adjustment, and shock damping. Aftermarket suspensions are tougher than stock shocks and are made to handle heavier loads.


Off-road tires

You can’t get anywhere if your car is just going to get stuck in a rut. Installing off-road tires should be the first on your list if you plan on taking any unpaved road. Summer tires or highway tires are never going to cut it on loose surfaces. Car manufacturers in the Philippines will always equip a car with regular road tires. Don’t expect to take your Jimny off-road straight from the factory. All-terrain tires and mud-terrain tires excel in less than ideal conditions. Another plus of equipping off-road tires is that they’re more durable and can resist most punctures that would normally ruin a road going tire.

Upgraded Differential

Putting power on the ground with off-road vehicles can be tricky, even with proper tires. That’s because your transmission is not powering the right wheels to get you going. Factory vehicles will likely come equipped with what is called an open differential. That means that your vehicle will only send power to a wheel with the least resistance. That poses a problem when you’re taking on unpaved trails, as your vehicle will struggle to find traction to move you forward.

What you’ll need is to install a locking differential or a limited-slip differential. These transmission components will drastically improve your off-road performance. As you can lock the axles for both wheels connected to one axle or all wheels to equally distribute power to the ground.


Underbody Protection

Underbody Protection

Car manufacturers in the Philippines don’t equip any form of underbody protection for your vehicle, even if they are advertised or marketed for this purpose. There are tons of off-road aftermarket products that are meant to protect the underside of your vehicle. Things such as rocks, stumps, and other things can potentially do terminal damage to components that are underneath your vehicles such as your transmission bell housing or oil pan. You could install skid plates or step boards that come with underbody plating.


Key Takeaway

Getting your vehicle ready for off-road adventure will aid you in conquering even the most torrential of paths. As long as you have all of these parts equipped on your vehicle, you’re ready to start going off the highway and on to the muddy and rocky paths of the off-road world. You can’t go wrong with a properly equipped vehicle.