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7 Timeless Rules for Road Safety

Drive Safely

In our imaginative minds we drive sexy Aston Martins’ and are addressed by our associates as Bond – James Bond. Every day, we hop into our state-of-the-art, customized spy-car and race along scenic stretches of empty roads, accompanied by the melodic vibrations of a beastly exhaust system, all in search of the damsel in distress we are about to save.

Sadly, reality reminds us that we are but humble Average Joes and our daily drives usually comprise of heavy traffic, road rage, and rude drivers. As a real person driving in the real world, there are rules that you have to play by if you want to make it to the office without losing your bumper along the way. Here are seven timeless rules for road safety that you should always follow.

Wear your Seatbelt

The seatbelt is one of the most effective tools available on modern cars in saving your life in the event of a crash. It also is, however, one of the most underrated. Today’s automobiles are jacked up with so much technology that the seatbelt is often overshadowed. But even with all the hype in anti-lock braking systems and electronic-stability controls, the seatbelt remains to be the biggest life-saver of them all.

Don't Text and Drive

Don’t Text & Drive

Preventing accidents from happening is still the best way to keep yourself alive to drive another day. Common sense dictates it is impossible to be 100% focused on the road when you’re in the middle of composing an SMS. If you really need to send a text message to for business or family purposes, then just do stop over somewhere safe and, by all means, jab away at those digital keypads on your smartphone!

Follow Speed Limits

There’s a simple reason why speed limits is one of the strictest international rules on road travel: Speed Kills. Going over speed limits may make you feel like a sneaky little rebel as you pass dozens of cars every minute. Quenching your need for speed may not be worth it though as there are many factors that will eventually put on an end to your reign as King of the Road. If the police can’t catch up to you, then karma definitely will. Don’t let that happen. Be smart and drive safe.

Ignore Distractions

Whenever we’re busy with something important, life somehow finds a way to distract you. We’ve had those days when we get crucial calls, texts, and emails while we’re behind the wheel. And even if we’re disciplined enough to keep driving, just worrying about them is enough to distract us from pedestrians, road signs, and fellow motorist. Not safe! Whenever you set out on the road in your car, decide to ignore all distractions and keep your brain fixated on to the road ahead.

Don't Drink and Drive

Don’t Drink & Drive

This really needs no further explanation, but we’ll carry on for the sake of those who are looking for a little push not to bring their car for tonight’s bar hopping sessions. So what happens when you get drunk is your brain develops a foolish confidence, resulting in a daredevil that can perform stunts that can send you, and other innocent bystanders, straight to the morgue. The solution to this dilemma is rather simple: if you’re going on a drinking marathon with the boys or girls, take a cab when it’s time to call it a night.

Be Mindful of Other Motorists

Yes, you are a responsible driver. You’ve never been involved in an accident and are always courteous on the road. This is all good and you should be proud of yourself. The same can’t be said for other motorists though, which is why it is never enough to just be mindful of yourself; you should be attentive to other cars and motorcycles as well. Keep a safe distance from other cars and don’t provoke fellow drivers into doing something they’ll regret in a hospital bed.

Maintain your Car Regularly

Owning a car doesn’t end once you drive it out of the dealership. There are responsibilities that you have to own up to as a part of the driving community. It is your duty to provide the regular maintenance that your car needs to ensure that your automobile is safe to drive on the road. All the safety features and technologies in the world won’t save you if you don’t invest time in maintaining them.

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