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7 Signs your Teenager is Ready to Drive

Amber Heard in Drive Angry

Teenagers would love nothing more than to get their hands on our car keys and start driving like it’s the end of the world. Because hey, who wouldn’t want to show off a set of sexy hot wheels with gleaming chrome-plated steel tubes and top-notch engines to their best pals, anyway?

However, most of us parents don’t share their excitement. In fact, we’re downright scared senseless of the damage our teenagers may cause to public properly, the car we lent, and worst of all, to themselves! So before you trust your teenagers with a machine that can go up to a hundred miles per hour, better make sure that they’ve covered the seven signs listed below:

Girl Driving

Your Teenager Knows the Basics

First things first, your teenager must first be taught how to properly drive. You could either arrange for them to go to driving school or you could teach them yourself. Just make sure they know the basics like shifting gears, proper clutch handling, and so on. For starters, we recommend that you’re teen check out our previous post entitled “Fundamental Tips for the First-Time Driver”.

Your Teenager can Act Responsibly

Simply knowing how to turn that wheel and work those pedals isn’t enough if your kid is to become a great driver; he or she must also have the right character. They should realize early that you’re not going to allow them to take the driver’s seat unless they prove that they are responsible. Because how can they be trusted with a car if they can’t even do their homework and wash their own dishes? If they want a driver’s bragging rights, then they should step up their game!

Your Teenager Respects the Rules

You should also make sure that your teen would obey the traffic signs and follow the road’s rules. Sure, these road regulations are merely guidelines, and no one’s stopping us from breaking them anytime they want. However, such disobedience will lead to significant consequences, so you better teach them to be a dutiful driver. Besides, most of these rules are for their own safety anyway, so they should know that there are no valid reasons to break them.

Teenager Driving

Your Teenager Exercises Good Judgment

On the road, they’ll face many situations that would test not only their driving skills, but also their ability to perceive and discern situations from behind the steering wheel. By exercising good judgment, they’d be able to drive smoothly and safely from one place to another and even manage to have fun along the way.

Your Teenager has the Right Amount of Patience

Driving will also make your kid subject to certain circumstances that’ll require them to keep their cool! So before you let them take over the steering wheel, make sure they can handle everything that can trigger them to go on a self-destructive road rage. Instill in their minds that frustration can do them no good, especially if they’re a busy bee navigating through the traffic congested roads of the Philippines.

Your Teenager is of the Right Age

Obviously, your teenager isn’t ready to drive if he or she is not legally old enough. So in the meantime, teach them the following tips above so they’ll be ready to hop on the driver’s seat as soon as they hit the right age.

Getting to drive is a prospect as exciting for our teenagers as it is terrifying for us parents. You probably have good reasons to be concerned, but if your kid has proven himself or herself ready for such a responsibility, then you have nothing to worry about.

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