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6 Infamous Vehicles in History


Cars generally have a very long history, particularly given the time and age you are in today. Several technological advancements have been made and incorporated to cater to the needs people have, whether it is practical or ostentatious. This is why car manufacturers from every country in the world including the Philippines that are muffler sellers should be able to provide various car parts needed by the automobile and its owner.

Given the vast history of all forms of vehicles have, they also have to factor in the different cars running on their roads and highways with some of the older models being termed as iconic. A number of them were also very popular because one of its kind have gone down the infamous route over time. Here are the top infamous vehicles in history.


Ryder Truck

A Ryder Truck has been known to have been involved in one of America’s most tragic event in history. Timothy McVeigh, the driver, and Terry Nichols had rented this truck and loaded it up with a bomb made from lethal chemicals, diesel fuel, and agricultural fertilizer.

The destruction they caused reduced a part of the Alfred p. Murrah Building into rubble while 170 individuals were robbed with their lives.

Ford Model 730 Deluxe Sedan

If you ever seen the film “Bonnie and Clyde,” then you would recognize this next car, a Ford Model 730 Deluxe Sedan. This couple had gone down in history as two of the most notorious bank robbers. For two years they were able to continue their crime spree for about 2,500 miles. However, their luck ran out on May 1934 when the FBI gunned them and their car down. This vehicle can be seen on display in a Las Vegas casino.

1961 Lincoln 74A

This infamous car is where John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 1963. Many point out that he would have been a harder target if it were not for the fact that he is riding on a convertible non-bulletproof vehicle. Today, this car remains under the US government’s service, and efforts have been made to turn it bulletproof non-convertible vehicle.

1935 Mercedes 770K Limousine

Adolf Hitler was not much of a driver but he, himself, chose to ride six of these vehicles because of how they made his image more commanding and imposing while riding on it. He also made sure that they were made bulletproof and mine proof to deter any would-be assassins.

1933 Essex Terraplane

Another notorious robber on this list is John Dillinger, who relied on his Essex Terraplane to keep him safe and ahead of his pursuers, the police. Dillinger (much like Bonnie and Clyde) was gunned down. This happened shortly after he decided to ditch his car and crashing it to a tree.

1993 Ford Bronco

O.J. Simpson’s Ford Bronco was able to captivate the American people back in 1994; it was a full-fledged TV event. People were glued to their screens entranced by the low-speed chase happening between Simpson and the police.


Have you heard of these stories before? Do you perhaps own a similar model to these automobiles mentioned above? If so, try not to follow the example of the people driving these cars. It was the driver’s fault after all that these vehicles ended up in the infamous list.

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