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6 Cool Colors You Can Give Your Ride

Your car would run no matter how good or ugly its paint job is. Or not, because, well, how it looks does matter! Ask yourself if you are satisfied with the color scheme of your car. If not, then why not give it a new paint job? And since you’re already at it, why not give your ride and its steel tubes a new and unique shade? Sure these colors are not the most popular choice in paint jobs today, but they can still leave your vehicle very striking and shiny. Just check out the palettes we’ve listed below.


Dolphin Blue

dolphin blue car

Dolphins are friendly and docile sea creatures. So it shouldn’t be surprising that dolphin blue would be an attention-catcher that will make your car feel like something only a smooth-talking Hollywood male lead has the right to ride. So, are you going to give it a shot? You should!


Lime Green

lime green car

Green, on the other hand, is the color most related to nature. It’s also a very relaxing and therapeutic color; no wonder a lot of hospitals use it in their logos, typographies, and even walls. Lime green, however, won’t probably calm you down. Instead, it will hype you up, as it’s pretty close to neon green. And if you think it’s an exciting color in the daylight, then you should see it under the cover of night.


Arena Red

arena red car

Meanwhile, red represents many things like blood, fate, love, passion, fury and, most importantly, life. That’s why one look at its many hues and you’re sure to feel excited and energized. And it’s because of this underlying philosophy that many sportscars are colored red. Ferrari, anyone?

That Italian stallion, however, isn’t for everyone, maybe not even you. And since that’s the case, it’d be better – and cheaper – if you’d stick to just painting your car red. But not just any red, mind you; go for arena red. This dark, heavy, and crimson-like shade is sure to make onlookers think that you’re one hot rebel with a dangerous set of driving skills.


Inka Orange

inka orange car

Then there’s orange! Orange is one of the most attention-catching colors there is; that’s why it’s one of the default hues for Lamborghini. But of course, if you want an orange-colored hotrod, you don’t have to spend a million bucks just for a car of that color; just get an electric orange paint job.



purple car

You also have purple – the color of royalty. Like golds and silver shades, it gives off a futuristic and luxurious feel. So if you want to ride like you’re either a king or in the year 3000, then opt for the metallic version of this hue.



mystichrome car

And last but not least, the mystichrome. More of a paint style than an actual color, it usually features gradients ranging from dark blue to purple, and is a hate-it-or-love-it kind of color scheme (there are no in-betweens). That means it’s not for everyone, probably not even you. But that’s okay! If you happen to like it, though, then you have great taste. After all, this one-of-a-kind paint job holds a certain sense of mystique, just like what its name suggests. It’s like a hyper-real night sky without any stars. Trippy, isn’t it?


Do you know how many colors crayons and paints have nowadays? Well, that’s how many the available hues for your car are. So if you plan to give your ride a paint job, might as well go for those unique shades. For nothing says shiny and sleek like unique!


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