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I Wanna Go Fast! 5 Ways to Increase the “Oomph” of your Engine

Everyone likes to drive fast. Who doesn’t? With a well-tuned ride, you can step on that pedal like Dom Toretto or James Hunt, outracing and outmatching the other vehicles around you and leaving their drivers (as well as the ladies riding with them) awestruck.


But before you do that, you first need to make some modifications, including replacing and improving some of your car’s engine parts, metal parts and other components. So if you want your set of wheels speedier and better than ever before, then try out some of the car hacks below.


Change the Spark Plugs

Did you know that something as simple as changing your spark plugs can help add power to your engine? Of course, some of them do need replacement during certain tune-up sessions, but changing the type can do major changes for your engine. So for best results, choose spark plugs that have a bifucurated ground electrode as this type can definitely provide a more consistent burn than others.


Add a Turbocharger

You should also invest in turbochargers for your engine. Powered by your car’s exhaust system, this forced induction can add as much as 50 horsepower to your engine. As much as it could make your ride go faster, you should keep in mind that it comes with a great price tag. One reason why a turbocharger is quite pricey is because of the extra adjustments needed to be done on the vehicle, including the tire and suspension changes to be able to support the additional component. On the plus side, though, it’s a good investment, especially if you’ve been thinking of having a major car overhaul.


Install a Performance Camshaft

One thing to consider if you would like to increase your engine’s power is installing a performance camshaft. How different is it from your regular one? A stock camshaft provides regular power to your vehicle, while a performance camshaft gives is that extra push as it increases the timing and length of your engine’s valve openings. This allows your vehicle to increase its horsepower and in turn, allow your automobile to accelerate faster.


Upgrade Your Air Filters

During your next tune up ask your mechanic what air filter he can recommend to replace the ones used by your car. This change will provide you a small but helpful increase to your horsepower. Here’s a tip: pick a free flow aftermarket air filter as it provides the best performance. But be wary; some air filters out there aren’t as efficient, allowing a certain amount of particulate matter to pass through them and into your engine and air filters, thus causing damage. Do your research and ask for advice before purchasing your aftermarket air filter.


Program a Performance Chip

Doubtless, the latest car model available has a built-in computer system regulating everything from its brakes to its fuel-to-air ration. If you wish to override these factory settings, you simply need to have a performance chip installed. Not only would it give your car more power, but it can also be easily programmed to suit your preferences.


modified car engine


With these and other modifications, your sweet ride would perform faster and better than ever before! And for the best car parts, you know where to go!


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