5 Types of Bad Drivers You Might Encounter on the Road


Learning to drive is easy. Learning to be a good driver doesn’t come as naturally. One of the things that need to be on top of as a responsible car owner is to make sure your vehicle is in good condition— each and every part of it, whether it’s made of aluminum, copper, glass, or steel tubes. In the Philippines, you will encounter several types of drivers that know how to taunt and bring out the “beast mode” in you.

Bearing this in mind, even if you have good driving habits, chances are you will still have bad experiences on the road. Beware of these 5 types of drivers that you might encounter.


The Incautious One


Utilizing the turning signals is one of the essential things a driver should practice. This literally signals the vehicle behind if you will change lane or will turn right, so they’re not caught off guard. It is one of the most important things you can do to avoid causing accidents.


The Enlightening One


Have you ever experienced being blinded by the high beams of the opposite vehicle? The enlightening drivers aren’t as smart as the title makes it sound, as they are the ones who carelessly leave their headlights turned up high. To avoid being the enlightened one, turn down your headlights so the visibility of vehicles around you are not compromised, especially at night.


The Tailgating One


One of the most annoying drivers you will encounter is the tailgater. This type of bad driver does not know the meaning of “personal space” and will make you think (or realize) that you are a slow driver. Be mindful at your distance with the preceding vehicle and avoid tailgating. Enough distance between two vehicles is important to avoid vehicular collision.


The On Call One


No matter how many times government reminds us that it is dangerous to use your mobile phones while driving, some drivers can’t help it. Using a mobile phone while driving will just result to the division of your attention. To avoid becoming this type of driver, refrain from using your mobile phone and give your full attention on the road. Moreover, most of the road accidents are because of using mobile phones while driving.


The Greedy One


By some strange force of the universe, there’s a higher chance you will encounter the greedy driver when you’re already late for work or school. They do not know how to give way to their fellow drivers, always want to do an overtake, take up way too much space on the road than they need, and overall just happens to find ways to inconvenience other drivers around them.


These are just some of the various types of bad drivers you will often encounter on the road. It’s also a good idea to identify and acknowledge if you have bad driving habits yourself! Practice being sensitive and mindful so you don’t end up being an inconvenience to other drivers. Also remember that it’s really important to always practice caution when you are on the road for your own safety and the safety of others as well. The next time you hit the road, make sure that you don’t commit any of the offenses above.