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5 Reasons Why Your Car Won’t Start

One of the inconveniences that drivers dread the most is dealing with a car that won’t start, especially when they are in a rush. You might think it may be caused by a faulty wire, a misplaced steel tube, Philippine weather, etc; basically there are too many causes that you might have to consider. Some of the most common reasons are the following:


Dead Battery

When you turn the key in the ignition and the car it is silent, it means that the battery is dead. This could be caused by various factors, such as lights that had been left on overnight, a loose wire, evaporated water causes poor conductivity, or the battery is just old and needs to be replaced.

If this happens to you, try jumpstarting the car for a temporary fix. Afterwards you must immediately go to a mechanic to see exactly what the problem is. This is because the moment you turn the car off, it will be hard to turn on again. You might as well bring it to a place where the problem can be diagnosed properly.


Broken Ignition Switch

Even though a dead battery is the most common reason why a car won’t start, we can’t immediately assume that that is the culprit. Try turning the key in the ignition; if the headlights and dashboard work, then that means that the battery is still working. In this case, the likely reason why the car won’t start is a faulty ignition switch.


A Faulty Starter

As the name implies, the starter is what starts your car. It does this by providing the force necessary for the engine to start moving. If this is broken, then the engine cannot start; all you’ll hear when you try to start the vehicle with a faulty starter is a clicking noise. In addition, the wires to and from the starter could also be loose. Try to tighten the connection and start again.


A Clogged Fuel Filter

Fuel needs to go through the fuel filter in order to reach the engine. If the filter is clogged, the fuel cannot reach the engine and it won’t start. To avoid this, the filters must be replaced regularly; every 16000-24000 km.


The Gas Tank Is Empty

Sometimes the reason is simple and quite obvious. If you didn’t fill up the gas tank, then the engine will definitely won’t start. Maybe forgetfulness will lead one to go home without passing by a gas station even when the car was running on fumes the night before. This would lead to the car not having enough gas to start the car. The only solution in this situation is to get a gas can and walk to the nearest gas station or take another ride going there.


Key Takeaway

When faced with a car that won’t start, don’t panic. Refer to this list to weed out what could be the most probably cause of your problem. In fact you might want to print this out and keep it in your car in case of emergencies. That way, you can deduce quickly what is preventing your car from starting the next time it doesn’t cooperate.


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