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5 Racing Animes Auto Enthusiasts Should Watch

Which anime series are highly recommended for auto enthusiasts?

  1. Capeta
  2. IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix
  3. Mach GO GO GO
  4. Wangan Midnight
  5. Initial D


Dozens of major racing events happen across the world each month, faithfully watched by millions of fans on a regular basis. From U-Bolt sellers in the Philippines to your regular citizen, everyone knows at least a thing or two about car racing. Racing has become so influential that it is often featured in different kinds of media such as music, film, and even anime.

Though the term anime literally pertains to all types of animation, people from outside of Japan use it to refer to Japanese-style animation. There are many different kinds of anime, which include fantasy, school drama, mecha, music, and sports. When is comes to sports anime, there have been a few racing anime that have gained some popularity over the years. Some of them have become have influenced culture and lifestyle, and even made some real-life car models very famous! Here are some of the racing animes auto enthusiasts should watch.



Capeta follows the story of a 9-year-old racing prodigy going through the ropes of racing. He starts to join in kart racing, and sees that he has the talent to go through some off the biggest competitions. The anime is a light-hearted show that focuses on the racing action, and the main characters inspiring journey to become the best racer. This show is worth a watch simply for its inspiring tale and positive message that it conveys.


IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix

Set in a futuristic environment, IGPX is an exciting show that features some of the fastest action that you can see in any anime. The story follows young racers who ride mecha suits that have replaced cars as a primary mode of transportation. The anime has a lot of interesting character development, and some of the best animation in a racing anime.


Known as Speed Racer in other regions, Mach GO GO GO is a classic anime series that made racing anime popular. The story follows a group of friends that strive to create the fastest car that can beat their biggest rival, the mysterious Racer X. The anime had a good amount of action, along with an intriguing story that has a good amount of plot twists.

Wangan Midnight

Perhaps one of the most action-packed racing anime around, Wangan Midnight is not your usual racing anime. The story follows a street racer that finds an old Nissan S30 Z, and becomes obsessed with the car and racing itself, little did he know that it is a car that has taken the lives of its owners. It is a thrilling ride of an anime that would get you at the edge of your seat.


Initial D

Perhaps no racing anime has had a big influence in the genre as much as Initial D. the story follows a delivery boy who gets into the world of underground drift racing. The series is known for its heart-stopping action, exciting music, and some of the best-looking cars around. This series influenced a lot of people to try out auto racing, particularly drifting, and even made the underground racing scene bigger. If there is one racing anime that you should watch, take Initial D.


Key Takeaway

Racing anime is one of the most popular and influential in the genre, with a lot of shows promoting different car brands, along with promoting the culture of racing to the audience. With these racing anime, you are surely in for a treat.

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