5 Legendary Cars that have been Immortalized by Film

If you think only actresses get the chance to steal the silver screen spotlight, think again. Cars, just like people, can also become famous. After all, just like their human drivers, they can be sexy and cool. Heck, as compared to their mortal counterparts, they’re faster, shinier, and have an exhaust system that can withstand endless car chases.

Here are some of a few automobiles that are stars in their own right. They don’t really care whether you’ve heard of them or otherwise, because they’re more famous than you.


Herbie; 1962 Volkswagen Beetle (The Love Bug)

In an age where a franchise called “The Fast and the Furious” is worth over a billion dollars, the slow-looking sons of the sixties hardly gets any love – except for good ‘ol Herbie! This little dude first appeared in the 1969 Disney film “The Love Bug”, which is about a racer named Jim Douglas, who is head over heels with Carole Bennett. Jim is a bit slow on the uptake, so thankfully our hero is a car with a heart and mind, helping his owner get the girl of his dreams.

The Black Beauty

The Black Beauty; 1966 Chrysler Imperial (The Green Hornet)

If the Batman has his eponymous Batmobile, then The Green Hornet has The Black Beauty. Appearing on both the TV series and the 2011 movie starring Seth Rogen and Jay Chou, this is a true supercar, even without the bulletproof armor, machine guns, and homing missiles.  Imagine taking this machine out for a ride as it belches out Gangsta’s Paradise. Epic!

Eleanor in Gone in 60 Seconds

Eleanor; 1973 Ford Mustang Mach I (Gone in 60 Seconds)

In the car-focused action movie “Gone in 60 seconds”, all the rides looked sweet, but none of them can be sweeter than Eleanor, Randall Raines’s “Unicorn”. Raines, a retired car expert played by Nicholas Cage, covets this sexy whip. And when he gets the chance to have this heartbreaker, he loses her… only to have her back again. Best love story ever.

Chevrolet Camaro

Bumblebee; 1977/2009 Chevrolet Camaro (Transformers)

A Volkswagen Beetle in the 80’s animated series, everyone’s beloved yellow Autobot went over to General Motors when he made his transition to the silver screen. Bee was already cool as the muscly and classic 1977 version; all he needed was a polishing. But when he upgraded to his 2009 version, he became a total chick magnet that even Megan Fox can’t resist. Well, if your car knows what song on the radio to play at the exact time, the ladies are sure to love it.

Audi A8

Audi A8 (Transporter Franchise)

Being a bodyguard is definitely a dangerous job. But if they’re going to give you a car that does not sacrifice elegance and comfort for speed, then you better sign up for life. Not only does Frank Martin’s Audi A8 have a high-class look, but it also bulletproof armor, a powerful built-in computer, and a system that can temporarily turn it to a boat. I bet all Audi A8 owners wish they have the same ride as him.

So, have you asked any of these famous autos for their autograph? If you haven’t, then it’s time to do so. And be quick about it; they can go zero to sixty before you can say “fifteen seconds of fame”.