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5 Easy Car Repairs You Can Do at Home

You shouldn’t always leave car repairs at the hands of professionals, although you must rely on them for more complicated car issues. You can still do your part as the owner to look out for it, looking for any miniscule problems on the muffler, radiator, roof rack, and other parts, and making the simple diagnosis and repairs needed.

So if you want to do some reparations on your sweet ride yourself, here’s a list of five car repairs and maintenance tasks that are really simple and easy to do:


Fixing Dangling Exhaust Pipes

Whenever you hear rattling or dragging noises from the rear of your car, that indicates your exhaust pipe is dangling. And luckily for you, this is a repair that’s relative quick and easy to handle on your own. Since most cars use rubber loops to hold up exhaust pipes, these can wear out over time. To repair such cases, simply replace new loops to hold up the exhaust pipes.


Air Filter Replacements

Air filters are supposed to be replaced about every 15,000 miles under normal conditions, although if you spend more time driving on dirt roads or in high dust conditions you might need to do so more frequently. Replacing air filters is one of the easiest to do; simply removing the old filters, clean the inside of the compartment, and snap in a new filter into place. Voila! You’re good and ready to cruise anywhere again!


Changing Headlight Bulbs

Burnt-out headlights are one of the most common problems of most car owners. If you don’t replace them immediately, it will lead to costly traffic citations, which could either get you pulled over, or worse, get you in an accident. So never neglect to replace them once they’ve fully given up functioning. Make sure, however, that before you begin the repair, your car doesn’t have sealed-beam headlights. And you need to be meticulous about using the right bulb for the make and model of your car, too. Check these components appropriately before replacing them.


Worn-out Tires Replacement

Changing tires is one of the more common repairs for car owners to undertake themselves. And essentially, it is one of the first and most basic things you need to know, especially when instances might arise that you need to drive alone for long hours and then you suddenly get a flat tire. It would be worrisome if you don’t know how to, especially if all the tools you need are already in your trunk. But after you change your tires, it’d be best have them checked by a mechanic if you’ve done it correctly and to check if it’s balanced appropriately, just in case.


Changing the Batteries

It’s generally known for everyone to assume that car batteries don’t last forever. Hence, there will come a time when the one in your car will need a replacement. Instead of paying for labour fees, you can complete the repair yourself. Just be sure to follow a set of instructions in your owner’s manual and don’t forget to wear protective eye-wear during the repair.


It’s not always better to depend on mechanics for simple repairs you can do yourself. Best let them handle repairs that are beyond your skill level, instead, especially crucial ones that can be quite dangerous.

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