5 Car Modifications that are Prohibited on the Road


Owning an expensive or luxurious vehicle is the ultimate dream of many people. Having bigger wheels, awesome brakes, and an efficient engine on your automobile is definitely in every driver’s bucket list. Car modifications or tune-ups are done to improve a car’s performance, maintain its parts, and upgrade its physical appearance. As a car owner, you may want to modify some of your car’s parts, including those made of aluminum, glass, special fibers, or steel tubes.

In the Philippines, car modifications are prominent among car enthusiasts. Several car modifications are offered by various car shops to customize automobiles. However, before planning to modify your treasured vehicles, identify few of the prohibited car modifications you should definitely not make. Not all car modifications are acceptable and may even be prohibited by the law.


Licensed Plate Frames

Some drivers prefer to customize the frames of their license plate to keep them secured and in place. Many of these licensed frames endorse a dealership or show a logo of the driver’s favorite basketball team. However, certain customize licensed frames may cover the state’s name and the plate number, and that is prohibited by the law. Tinted plate frames are also not allowed.


LED Lights and other Headlights

Having the undercarriage lighting in an automobile is one of the popular car modifications today. This car modification absolutely adds style and attitude to any vehicle. However, putting LED lights or blinkers are not permitted by the law as this kind of car modification interferes the front and rear lighting of the vehicle. Neon colors are also not allowed.


Sirens and Whistles

Similar to LED lights and blinkers, sirens, whistles, bells, or early warning devices are not allowed in any vehicle. According to the new memorandum (Joint Administrative Order (JAO) No. 2014-01) created by Land and Transportation Office (LTO), they will not authorize vehicles with such car modifications as these alterations may hinder road safety.


Lifting the Vehicle’s Body or Frame

The level of the car’s body kit can really enhance a vehicle’s appearance and performance. Lifting the frame or body of a vehicle is one of the popular options for car enthusiasts. However, some places limit the measurements of lifting the vehicle’s body or frame as this will be unsafe for the car.


Having Studded Tires

Customizing and installing studs in your vehicle’s tires may enhance its traction and performance on slippery roads and tough terrains. Such kind of tires damage roads, making it a prohibited car alteration.


Possessing exceptional and unusual vehicles can be a really enjoyable experience for anyone. Choosing to modify your car is a way to improve, adjust, or upgrade your vehicle’s performance and physical appearance. Just make sure that your chosen modification is not illegal!