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Down but not Out: 5 Auto Parts that can be Recycled


Humans have learned to make highly advanced and useful products through their tinkling of technology. These products, as perfect as they can be, take time to decompose—as in centuries; very good humans! And the problem with this slice of reality is that with the rise of the invention comes the surplus of non-biodegradable waste, resulting to the slow decay of Earth itself. Once again, let’s take time to applaud humans.

But to be fair, even though humans have continuously added to Earth’s problems, they’ve also learned to device solutions, one of which is recycling, which is one of the first words to remember when it comes to saving our environment. The good news is that you don’t have to tear your car apart, one steel tube at a time, to help unload Mother Earth’s burdens. Just remember the wonders of recycling, so if such an opportunity comes, you’d be ready.

These are the auto parts you can recycle:


Your car’s oil, whether synthetic or conventional, sure needs to be replaced every once in a while. That doesn’t mean that they cannot be recycled though. Cool fact, huh?

Your oil doesn’t actually wear out, but you change it anyway—but don’t think this means you don’t ever have to. When you do, recycling centers clean and use your oil again. So if you don’t let them have it, oil spilt on the ground can contaminate the soil and our waters, which leads to further problems. You just committed a crime against Mother Earth, which you can very well call “attempted murder”.

Oil Filters

Your oil filters are also recyclable once they’re rid of their liquid friends. Since these filters are made of steel, they can easily be melted and transformed into new materials or be added to the body of a new item. Examples of these items are cans, appliances, building materials, and—would you know it—cars. It’s as if they return home.

As with car oils, you just have to drop by a recycling center that accepts steel in order for it to have a renewed purpose and lifespan. If you cannot let it go, then maybe you can have your own recycling project with your old oil filter—just remember to rinse it completely out of oil.


Yes, please. Recycle tires! They do not decompose and so landfills are not their proper retirement homes. Please, do not think that the earth will accept them.

Plus, it’s fun to see where tires go! Do you know they’re reincarnated into various products like asphalt, playground turfs, garden mulch, and—get ready—fuel. From the rollers of the car to the main source of its power—cars must just love their tires. As should you love Mother Earth.

Scrap Metal

Duh! Metals are among the top human innovations that do not decompose, and therefore meet their lives’ ends at recycling centers—or is it metamorphosis? It’s a good thing that they can easily be unformed by heat, or else you’ll have to look for other ways to recycle them. Just imagine having a muffler as your bling.

Auto Glass

Now this can actually look good as a bling—we didn’t say “feel good” though. Since auto glass doesn’t have its special centers of new life, alternative methods have to be considered. These include becoming tiles, counter tops, jewelry, and even Christmas ornaments!

With centers dedicated to recycling, you are not facing this battle alone. And you have to keep going, because Mother Earth is proud of you.


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