SCREEEEEECH! 4 Out-of-the-Ordinary Sounds Your Car Could Make and What Causes ‘Em

One of the signs that indicate whether or not something is wrong with your car is the sound it makes. For example, if your muffler (the car part that’s supposed to maintain silence) starts making noise in an ironic twist of fate, then maybe it’s time to have your ride checked by a mechanic.


But your ride’s mufflers aren’t the only ones that make noises whenever it’s damaged. Components like exhaust systems, brake systems, fan belts, and even tires also groan from time to time to warn its owners that they need immediate attention. Below are examples of unusual sounds that your car might make that’ll alert you if something is wrong with it.



This indicates that your brake pads if not the entire braking system is losing its grip. And you can’t drive safely without good brakes. So the moment you hear a screeching sound when you step on the brake, bring your car to a mechanic immediately and have the pads or system inspected. Or have it towed in case you notice the screeching while on the road. Don’t let the screeching go on. If left unattended, the screeching would turn into grinding, which would damage your car even further and increase your risk of having accidents and injuries!



The car engine is composed of numerous parts, each playing a vital role in making your vehicle run. Now, if you hear a squealing sound from beneath the hood, it might imply that your serpentine belt ( also known as the drive belt) is in need of a replacement. As the time goes by, this belt wears down, making a squealing sound to indicate that it’s nearing the end of its lifespan. Of course, you can choose to ignore your car’s noise. But if you do, the belt would eventually break and further problems (most of them costly) will occur.



Your muffler is supposed to be the silent part of your car, that’s why it’s called the muffler! But once it starts making a loud rumbling sound, then you know it is time to visit the mechanic to ask for a replacement. Sometimes, the rumbling is accompanied by a clunking sound which indicates that something may be broken in your exhaust system as well. Thick, cloudy smoke and water will also drip from the muffler and exhaust system, indicating further of its damage. When any or all of these symptoms arise, better have it checked out immediately!



If you hear a whistling or sizzling sound from underneath your hood, then you might be dealing with a fluid leak in your engine. Either there’s a crack or hole in the car engine or your vacuum hose is simply disconnected or damaged. In case of disconnection, you can simply reconnect the vacuum hose yourself. But if there are cracks and holes in the hose and the engine, immediately take it to the mechanic to have it replaced.


Sometimes, your car actually cries out if there’s something wrong with it. And most of the time, there is! So from the moment you start your car, better keep your ears open and listen to any unusual sounds.