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4 Tips for Selling a Used Car

Roberts Selling a Car

You can’t keep your car forever; there comes a time when you must say your goodbyes to your automobile. It’s not all that easy to sell a vehicle, but there are some ways you can make your car more attractive to potential buyers. For one, you need to make sure all the parts are complete, from the U-bolt down to the rugs. Here are four more tips to help you sell your precious car.


Provide a Good Description

To sell your car online or on paper, make a decent ad that will appeal strongly to your prospective buyers. Don’t make it overly long, lest it feels like a novel; just cover the basics. Include color, year, model and make of the car, what gas it uses, any problems with the car, gas mileage, and if the maintenance manual is with you. Lastly, place your contact details at the end of the ad. Keep it short but informative!


Include As Many Pictures as Possible

One of the top things that can frustrate any buyer of any merchandise is not having enough pictures of the item being sold. Don’t frustrate a possible buyer; include as many quality photos as you can to give them a better idea of what they’re after. Take a photo of the interior, engine, exterior, front and back of the car and what’s inside the trunk.


Markup the Price

When selling a secondhand car, one should expect the buyers to haggle the price down to a significant amount. If you plan to sell it for five hundred thousand bucks, better price it at six hundred. It’s almost certain that the buyer will bargain with you. Who knows, you just might even get a higher price than what you expected.


Clean Your Car

We often say don’t judge something by its outward appearance, but as human beings, we can’t help but do the exact opposite thing. Same goes for your car; the customer most likely already knows the space, so the first impression will be how well your particular car was taken care of. If you can smell it from a yard away, would you be encouraged to purchase the vehicle? If you see old packs of peanuts (and peanuts themselves) strewn around or receipts stuffed inside the cup holder, would you still want to buy the car at first sight? Your answer might be a firm negative. Remember, first impressions matter and your car’s first impression won’t be its speed, but how it looks like.

The day before your meet-up, grab a vacuum cleaner and clean away all the food particles and dirt in your rugs. Wipe your dashboard and mirrors with a clean rag; don’t forget your windows and windshield. Then take a sponge and some soapy water to give your car’s exterior a good cleaning. If you don’t have the time to do all this, take your car to a car wash where they’ll do all this for you— for a fee of course. Don’t forget to hang a car freshener on your rearview mirror!

For sure both you and your customer will be able to score a great deal with these tips! This will be a transaction the two of you will be satisfied with; you with the cash in your pocket, and him or her in their car.

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