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4 Recommended Car Shops in Manila

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When looking for muffler sellers in the Philippines, you might stumble upon some car shops that you think might be the perfect place to bring your car when it breaks down, or when it needs its annual tune up. However, you have to make sure that the garage or shop you’re sending it to is reliable enough that the mechanics who’ll work on your car know exactly what they’re doing! You should be careful to find a shop that won’t swindle you out of your hard earned money, or worse, sabotage your car! If you need a little help, here are a few suggested trustworthy car shops and garages in Manila.

Motolite Car Batteries and Repair Shop

You may have heard on your radio or seen on the TV the commercial about how Motolite is the greatest car battery there is. They’re easy to acquire as they have partnered with several gas stations and even have repair shops all across the country. Motolite’s repair shops are equipped enough to handle the most of and the common car problems, but they remain first and foremost, an expert with car batteries. Their services are affordable, and they offer quick checkups at certain Shell stations.

They can be found at Ramcar Center 80-82 Roces Ave. Diliman, Quezon City and can be contacted at (02) 370-1000.

SCaG Automotive Services

This is an independent garage that specializes with truck and automobile repair. Aside from repair and maintenance services, they also have parts for sale. This shop is great for people who will not spare any expense for the care of their car, as this shop promises top of the line care and expertise with the best equipment available in the market.

They can be found at 900 D. Romualdez St., SCaG Building, Paco, Manila and contacted at (02) 521-2785 or (02) 579-7779.


You might think of a pizza parlor the first time you hear this shop’s name. But you have to admit, it is pretty catchy! The shop initially only offered repairs for bodies, but then it turned into a full-body shop that can work with any car in the market. Don’t worry about how your paint job will turn out, they use DuPont paints.

They can be found at 45, Amang Rodriguez Avenue, Manggahan, Pasig and can be contacted at (02) 916-0580.

Rides Restoration

While this shop focuses on services for automobile bodies and engine repairs, they also offer services for bikes. They are also dealers most brands and makes of motorcycles. Their name says they do restoration, and boy do they do a pretty darn good job of repairing and restoring cars! Aside from this, they also offer services of design and custom paint jobs on cars. If you’re somewhere near or around Pasig, this is definitely where you should go to for your car needs.

They can be found at 2185 Pasig Line, Sta. Ana Manila and can be contacted at +63 922 818 2257 (Sun).

These are just some of the car shops around you can go to, and there are a lot more if you do a little research or ask for referrals. You may want to search around social media too, since they do their advertising there. Good luck!

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