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4 Amazing Bike Trails in Luzon

bike trails luzon roberts

Steel tubes in the Philippines, or in any country for that matter, are essential for any bicycle. Bicycles comprise of different parts to make it fully functional and maintaining its parts so that it’s in good quality is most definitely required so that the rider will have a smooth and nice journey. If it has ever occurred to you to go somewhere far and new with your bike, don’t just stick to one favourite. There are numerous breathtaking spots in the country that’s perfect for bike-riders of all levels – such as these 4 bike trails in Luzon!


Filinvest (Muntinlupa City)

Difficulty: Easy

Filinvest Land decided to make a trail for bikers, cars, runners, and joggers where yearly events or contests are held. Biking here is “chill” because of the wide spaces and trees around the trail. It’s even near a lot of malls and hotels, but it is not that congested yet, so going around the trail gives anyone a light journey and is a nice spot to see the infrastructures built in the city.


La Mesa Nature Reserve (Quezon City)

Difficulty: Easy

La Mesa is considered as the last remaining rain-forest situated in Metro Manila, maintained by an organization in a local television network. Going here feels like you’ve visited a famous province in the Visayas because of the reservoirs and trees surrounding the area with around 50 kilometers long overall. La Mesa is a popular destination for bikers and it is not that difficult compared to other trails. The La Mesa trail is a favorite among many local bikers in the country.


Marilaque (Marikina-Rizal-Laguna-Quezon)

Difficulty: Medium

With a total of 110 kilometers, travelling to these 4 places in Luzon is guaranteed to be challenging but worth it due to the picturesque sceneries such as the Sierra Madre, verdant surroundings, and clear waters. For this long bike ride, make sure you have everything prepared and try to be with other fellow bikers as well as much as possible to have a happier ride. Travelling to Marilaque is probably going to take you an entire day, so stock up on food and equipment for this trail.


Timberland/Mt.Maarat (San Mateo, Rizal)

Difficulty: Hard

This is popularly known as “The Shotgun Trail” due to its shape as seen from the maps forming a shotgun. Many bikers also said that the name surely speaks for itself because it also fires a shotgun to your heart on the ride here, due to the uphill climb near the Timberland Estate of around 2-4 kilometers, making it difficult or rather scary for the bikers to go up then go down. Execute caution once you travel to this trail.


These spots in the country are sure to make your bike ride memorable and worthwhile because of the sights to see and travelling with other fellow bikers. Be prepared to bring all the necessities such as money, clothes, drinks, and extra equipment with you as you travel like steel tubes. Philippines surely is a beautiful country, so make the most out of your stay and patronize it as much as possible.

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