3 Simple Modifications That’ll Improve Your Ride’s Performance

Everybody wants their rides to be in tip-top shape. You don’t want your car to suddenly break down in the middle of the road, do you? And you certainly don’t want a set of wheels so slow that even the wimpiest bicyclists can outrace you! So better check out the modifications listed below! These will improve your car’s performance, alongside its mufflers, exhaust systems and other metal parts.

Get a Cold Air Intake Device

When you think of the term cold air intake, you might immediately think that this has something to do with your vehicle’s air conditioning unit. Actually, cold air intake involves your engine! It’s an aftermarket product that replaces your car’s stock air box with a cold air intake system. The system provides more air to your engine, which gives it better performance and efficiency.

However, don’t leave the system open to moisture as this can lead to the horrifying hydrostatic lock or hydrolock, an internal combustion engine problem wherein the engine is prevented from turning over by fluid in the cylinder above the piston. The damage caused by hydrolock is dependent upon the state of the engine when it occurs; the results are different in a stored, non-running engine, an engine running at idle and an engine running at speed.

Install a Cat Back Exhaust System

A cat back exhaust system is set up behind the catalytic converter of your car. It’s an aftermarket product that replaces your vehicle’s stock muffler and exhaust pipe system. Compared to the stock system’s pipe, the cat back system features a larger pipe which allows an increased air flow and subsequently better horsepower.

Another advantage of the cat back system is the smoother sound produced due to the direct-flow muffler system. This is the perfect car modification for someone who wants more power, better aesthetics and better muffler sound.

Make It Lose Weight

The lighter something is, the faster it’ll be able to move—that’s basic physics! Same goes for cars; every extra hundred pounds eats up 1 to 2% more fuel, which will cost you money. Of course, there are some parts that you simply can’t replace but you’ll still be surprised on what you can. For example, you can replace your car’s wheels hubs with lighter, alloy ones; these will make it easier for you to switch directions as well as allow you to stop your car faster due to the improved airflow.

You can also replace the car’s hood and trunk with a lighter, carbon fiber alternative; you know how opening you car’s trunk can be cumbersome at times due purely to its weight. And you can take a leaf from professional racers’ books and change your car’s glass with a heavy duty plexiglass or polycarbobate sheets.

Believe it or not, these three simple modifications will definitely help improve your car’s performance. And you need not worry about your budget too; these are not very expensive modifications and they won’t take long to do. Get these done on your car and you’ll soon enjoy an enhanced set of wheels in no time!