3 Great Gifts Ideas for Fellow Gearheads

It’s understandable for many motorists to not find it easy giving the right of way to their fellow drivers. However, you can make up for that by giving some of your gearhead friends a gift or two. After all, it’s Christmas, and after a year of taking a few bad routes and overtaking a little bit too often, it’s time you give some love back. You don’t have to give your car junkie friend that old exhaust system you have in your garage; you could just give something nice for them to remember you by. But if you don’t have any better gift ideas, then don’t worry, here are a few suggestions:


Car Care Apps

There are a lot of car care apps for in Apple Store and Google Play, but the best ones are unfortunately yet rightfully paid. So if you have a few bucks to spare on your credit card, then why don’t you buy your auto-loving buddy a car care app or two?

If your friend is an Apple fanboy or fangirl, there’s Car Minder Plus for iOS-powered devices. For just $2.99, this app will inform and remind drivers of important automobile attributes such as fuel consumption and regular car maintenance schedule. On the other hand, if an Android is what your buddy is looking for, then go for Torque. It’s an app that provides real-time statistics about a car when the smartphone it is installed on is connected to a car’s OBDII tool. All that for only $4.95!


Dash Cam

There’s no telling when something interesting or dangerous can happen on the road. And when it does, we get this urge to catch it on camera thanks to the documentation-obsessed culture we are a living in. The problem, however, is that you’re driving whenever these things occur, so it’s either impossible or dangerous – maybe even both – to catch it on your camera. Good thing there’s such a thing as a dash cam.

With the dash cam, you can drive safely while the device records everything on your path. Although nothing eventful happens during most days, there is always a chance that you might meet an accident while you’re on the streets. And with the dash cam’s recordings as evidence, you can be rest assured that you can claim for damages.


Portable Tire Air Gauge and Inflator

No matter how powerful and smooth your engine may be, you can get into a lot of trouble on the road if your wheels don’t have sufficient pressure. Although this problem can easily be remedied by a trip to your nearby gasoline station, there isn’t going to be one wherever you go; that’s why the best solution for this is to be prepared by having a portable tire air gauge and inflator.

Giving this to your friend would undoubtedly please him or her, as he or she no longer has to worry about being trapped in a strange town with no air and water service center.


The only difference between regular gearheads and regular people is that they love cars – sometimes a bit too much. So, why not give them gifts that would help them enjoy their passion a little bit more? After all, it’s the season, so splurge.