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A Few Things You Ought to Know About the 2015 Mexican Grand Prix

Grand prix means “big prize” in French. Racecar drivers and racing fans around the world might not remember that as well as they do U-bolts and metal parts, but it doesn’t matter. To them, this phrase means another thing: the Formula One Grand Prix, one of the biggest and most renowned racing events in the world. Through the years, it’s been held in various countries across Europe, the United States, and even Asia.

This year, though, one of its rounds was held in Mexico. That, in itself, is one of the highlights of the 2015 Formula 1 season, since it had been decades since a round was held in Mexico. What do you need to know about this event? Read on below!


A Challenging Circuit

2015 mexican grand prix

In 1962, at the very heart of its capital Mexico City, the Mexican Grand Prix was held for the first time ever. The track that was used, the Magdalena Mixhuca circuit, gave first-time racers quite the challenge, as the track is situated 7380 feet above sea level and has a 180-degree lightly banked turn near the end of the track, which required racers to be fast and alert. Today, the track was used once again after 23 longs years, although it’s now known as the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, after the Rodriguez brothers who died trying to conquer it.


Twists and Surprises in Store

Many people were jubilant upon hearing the news that a Formula 1 Grand Prix round would be held in Mexico after so long, as it felt like the golden days of the race series were about to return. Even so, a lot happened in the round that surprised everyone, even the most calloused and well-informed Grand Prix fan.


Roseberg Vindicates Himself

nico rosberg

Nico Rosberg, German racecar driver for Mercedes Formula One Team, won first place. It was the perfect comeback for his racing career this year, as his performances in Hungary and the United States were less than stellar and he lost his chances to bag the top spot.


Great Turnouts

Around 135,000 people who watched the Mexico Formula One Grand Prix – a high number of attendees considering that the last time was twenty-three years ago. This spells great news for the racing world, as it is a stark contrast to the usually empty audience seats during the races in the Middle East and East Asia.


One for Team Mercedes

team mercedes

Team Mercedes, thanks to Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton, are once again on top. Ferrari and Red Bull, on the other hand, seem to be in quite a pinch. Ferrari’s racers Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen failed to finish the race, while Red Bull encountered a lot of trouble with their unbranded Renault engines.


The Formula One Mexican Grand Prix was one of the biggest rounds of this year’s competition. Not only did it bring out some of the best racers in the world, but it also resurrected one of the most challenging circuits in the racing industry. Kind of makes you want to see more action down in Mexico, doesn’t it?

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