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2 Basic Auto Mechanic Skills You Need to Master

The best muffler seller in the Philippines would be one who also provides car maintenance and repair services, making them a one-stop auto shop. Auto shops ensure the lifespan of your vehicle by conducting necessary car maintenance and repair to maintain its optimal performance.

But you don’t always have to go to them for every little thing. Learning some basic auto mechanic skills will help you save money and you in case you experience sudden car breakdown on the road. These two are perhaps the most important.


Replacing the Coolant

It is recommended that you will replace the coolant in the system every two to five years. Before doing the following steps, refer to your service manual regarding the recommended type and mixture of the coolant required for your vehicle so you can purchase it beforehand.


  1. Locate the drain plug or valve of the cooling system of your vehicle.
  2. Place a clean pan beneath it to collect all the coolant under the radiator.
  3. Drain your radiator by removing the drain plug and opening of the drain valve.
  4. To quickly drain the cooling system, gently remove the radiator pressure cap to allow the air to freely flow.
  5. Replace the drain plug once all the coolant has drained out. Replace the bottom radiator hose as well.
  6. Measure the desired coolant and pour it through the top of the radiator using your funnel.
  7. Leave the radiator cap off and run your engine for few minutes to allow the coolant to circulate.
  8. Place your radiator cap back.


Tire Change

Getting a flat tire is not as common a roadside problem as they make it seem in the movies, but it is very probable at least once in your life. When it does happen, you’ll want to be ready.


  1. Find a safe place to park nearby, turn the hazards on and the engine off.
  2. Set a safe border before changing your tire by placing a triangle reflector if available to signal passing vehicles that you are encountering car problems.
  3. Take the spare tire out of your trunk and ready your car tools, such as bottle jack, gloves, and socket wrench.
  4. Remove the flat tire by loosening the nuts and bolts using the socket wrench.
  5. After you remove the flat tire, position the spare tire from your boot. Then, tighten all the nuts using your hands.
  6. Once the tire is back on the ground, tighten as much as you can by using the wrench and you’re done!


These two skills are very easy once you learn them, but are also very helpful when the time comes! Refresh your memory every now and then to ensure you retain the information. Also make sure to put together an emergency roadside kit and keep it in all your vehicles. More importantly, be smart enough not to ignore signs if something in your car is not right and to seek help from a professional before it gets worse.




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