The Best Cars of 60s Cinema

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What are the most essential movie cars of the 1960s? Mini Cooper Ford Mustang GT Volkswagen Beetle Aston Martin DB5   The automotive world is an exciting arena for professionals, die-hard enthusiasts, and even casual hobbyists here in the Philippines. Mufflers for sale, custom body alterations, vintage car clubs, and everything encompassing car culture have

Who are some of the most iconic figures in the history of the automotive industry? Akio Toyoda Henry Ford Gianni Agnelli Elon Musk   When it comes to every single minute aspect of the automotive trade, such as purchasing a muffler for sale here in the Philippines, the evolution of the automotive industry is not

What are some key signs that signal a broken or malfunctioning muffler? Engine backfire Louder exhaust noise Exhaust pipe condensation   When it comes to chambered mufflers here in the Philippines, there are many aspects that should be put into great consideration when you are considering an upgrade and purchasing a new one. The most

What are fantastic ideas for you and your gearhead dad this Father’s Day? Visit an auto show Take a road trip Work on a car Attend a racing event Practice driving   Father’s Day is one of the most special times of the year. It is during this heartfelt period that we set aside time

What are the key distinguishing points between chambered mufflers? One-chambered mufflers are shorter and are typically stainless steel Two – chambered mufflers produce loud and deep sounds. Three – chambered mufflers produce more hushed and quieter sounds.   If you are in the process of upgrading your vehicle to perform at optimal levels and at

What are some of the most iconic cars that have ever graced 70s cinema? The white Dodge Challenger in Vanishing Point. The 1967 Impala in Dirty Mary and Crazy Larry. The 1957 Chevy pickup in The Getaway. All the vehicles in Mad Max.   If you are a veteran car enthusiast or just a casual

What are some of the most common yet iconic vehicles that have ever graced Filipino streets? Sakbayan Sarao Tamaraw FX Kia Pride Lancer Box Type   Cars an integral part of every country –image-wise, especially. Throughout the previous decades in Filipino history, the homes and roads of Metro Manila, as well as the other provinces,

What essential car upgrades should you install to your car? Chambered muffler High-performance tires Short throw shifter Polyurethane steering rack bushings   We can understand how hard it is to part with an old vehicle, especially one that allowed you to travel many roads and reach breath-taking destinations. There’s a deep attachment there; a special

What are the essential materials used in automotive production? Steel Plastic Aluminum Rubber Glass   Even as a child, one can’t help but wonder what exactly are the different pieces of equipment and material that go into the process of vehicle construction. Cars are one of the greatest marvels of the modern world. The roaring

What are the essential entry points to the world of racing movies? John Frankenheimer’s Grand Prix (1966) John Sturges’ Le Mans (1971) Paul Bartel’s Death Race 2000 (1975)   Cars and cinema go well together like doughnuts and coffee. Racing has always been a rich subject in cinema, with the Fast and Furious franchise currently